MSV-India Inc Develops A UV Disinfection Conveyor For Fighting COVID-19 In Public Places - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

A revolution is coming: MSV-India Inc develops a UV Disinfection Conveyor for fighting COVID-19 in public places

In a bid to strengthen our defenses against the COVID-19 pandemic in the public spaces, like malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, office complexes, residential complexes, stadiums, airports and railway stations etc., MSV-India Inc. has come up with an innovative UVT Conveyor that is capable of killing 99.99% of all the germs (including viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens) present on the surfaces of everyday objects that we carry along with us.

Marketed by MSV-India Inc., the UVT Conveyor uses UV Disinfection Lamps that emit UV-C rays. As proven by many Medical research groups across the globe, these UV-C rays can effectively kill up to 99.99% of Coronavirus strains. The use of UV-C in disinfecting medical equipment is also recommended by Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

Now that the much awaited unlock is finally happening, we have to prepare ourselves to face a new kind of problem. While there are plenty of ways to sanitize our hands and bodies, there is rarely any mechanism that can safely and efficiently sanitize our everyday objects without causing damage to them. Unfortunately, this means using more of disposable stuff. For hotels and restaurants, it is disposable crockery & cutlery, and for spas and salons, it’s disposable protective wear. Therefore, we need a sustainable solution - something that can help us quickly, effectively and safely sanitize our objects of everyday use so that we don't have to rely on single use plastics and other similar disposable materials, which are very dangerous for the environment.

It is a known fact that the extensive use of sanitizers whether to clean hands, surfaces or objects is not recommended in long term due to their chemical content.  So, while on the one hand we are saving ourselves from getting infected but at the same time we are putting ourselves in another bigger risk which already is huge concern for all the environmentalist in us.

But with MSV-India's UVT Conveyor, we now finally have a solution to this problem.

The best thing about this revolutionary solution is that UV-C technology does not leave any harmful residues after the sanitization process. It’s safe to use as there are no spots on absorbent materials like fabrics, paper, cardboard, office files etc. It’s safe even for food items like vegetables, fruits, water and even milk, and can be used to increase their shelf-life as well which makes it an asset for the packaging industry as well. Moreover, the machine does not require any chemicals or other consumables to function, so there's no need for continuous refilling. The only parts that might require replacement are the UV-C Lamps, and they have a very long life (>5000 hours). Furthermore, the machine offers 360 degree and totally contactless disinfection, thus, eliminating any harmful after effects.

The best advantage of UV-C disinfection is that it kills not only the virus strains on the various surfaces of the objects, but also those that might be present in the air inside the disinfection chamber.

New Delhi, July 02, 2020