Worldmark Aerocity Re-Opens Its Doors To Renewed Contactless Dining Experience Driven By Innovation - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


· Contactless dining: ‘The Walk’ opens its doors to fine dining with strict protocols for safety and introduction of contactless dining through QR code menus


· Innovation for safety: Keeping in tandem with the times, the requirements for sanitisation and hygiene has led them to develop innovative solutions to ensure a safe environment for all visitors


· Crowd management: The need for crowd management for their commercial spaces led them to venture into practices ahead of time to meet social distancing norms




The video link for Worldmark Aerocity demonstrates the preparedness:




As Delhi-NCR slowly unlocks itself in phases, Bharti Realty’s Worldmark  Aerocity is leading the commercial sector in innovative dinning-in experience by setting forth examples through its avant-garde solutions to COVID-19 challenges. They are leading the way in hygienic practices of retail food establishments to provide a contemporary, safe and hygienic environment to all diners.



Worldmark Aerocity’s ‘The Walk’, home to some of the top gourmet restaurants, cafes, and bars in Delhi-NCR, is following a strict repository of measures to ensure a comfortable and convenient dining experience for its customer. This is being done while maintaining its upscale dining standards of providing world class food through contactless dining.



One of the crucial steps of contactless dining being followed by the restaurants is doing away with paper menus. They are instead offering QR codes that diners can scan using their smartphones at their respective tables and view the menu. They are also offering contactless digital payment options for both dining and takeaways. The restaurants are focusing on efficient crowd management through measures like reduced dining capacity, rearrangement of tables and pre-bookings.



Tackling the challenges of COVID-19 with innovation, ‘The Walk’ has installed contactless kiosks at its entry points that will offer no-touch temperature screening and sanitizer dispersion. To ensure social distancing norms, escalators have been marked in three-step gaps.



These innovations to the fine-dining experience are being maintained at both standalone restaurants and the food court of the curated food hub. These guidelines are part of a comprehensive SOP by ‘Bharti Care’, the facility management function of Bharti Realty, issued to all functioning establishments to operate responsibly. 






New Delhi, July 30, 2020