AQUOX - Homegrown Brand To Launch Hypochlorous Acid-Based Disinfectant Generators In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

AQUOX - Homegrown Brand To Launch Hypochlorous Acid-Based Disinfectant Generators In India

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To be available in 300ml & 2L for homes and up to 6000 litres per hour for commercial establishments, the generators can transform tap water & salt into natural disinfectant, sanitiser and cleaner in just 5 minutes to eliminate 99.99% of deadly viruses & bacteria, without any toxic chemicals.


Harnessing nature’s non-toxic germ killer for the first time in India, home-grown Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) expert AQUOX has developed a revolutionary all-in-one disinfectant generators for disinfecting, cleaning, sanitizing and sterilising tap water naturally, using just water + salt. Available for multi-purpose applications across enterprises, commercial spaces, industrial uses, hospital, food processing industry, home cleaning and any application wanting on-site disinfectant generation to be used as a Biocide and addressing issues of Biofilm, these HOCl generators can turn regular tap water & salt into the most potent and powerful disinfectant, natural cleaner & instant sanitizing solution to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, pathogens, pesticides, fungi, yeast, mold, influenza and noroviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19 virus).


The generators produce hypochlorous acid, a substance that also occurs in the human immune system and is hence harmless. This biocide is highly efficient in destruction of biofilm, germs and bacteria, without harming humans, environment or staff and is extremely cost effective to produce at the cost of water & electricity. Being highly effective against anti-bacterial and antibiotic-resistant strains, these generators are also ideal for disinfection in the healthcare, hospitality, airports, food processing, agriculture, water treatment, medical, consumer products and various other environments.


AQUOX HYPOCHLORUS ACID GENERATORS, produce Electrolyzed Water which has been a globally popular technology over the years, used for both public and private sectors across industrial cases applications like agriculture; water treatment; food & beverages, sea-food & meat, fruits & vegetables sanitisation; surface disinfection in hospitals, public places and high transit locations, wound-care treatment, water treatment and water disinfection in hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, sports facilities, restaurants, schools & colleges, corporate offices, housing societies and many more.


The technology has been highly proven to be sustainable, efficient and cost-effective to prevent microbial contamination of food from bacteria & pesticides, eliminate the breeding ground of biofilm and the risk of developing legionnaires’ disease or any water borne infection, ensuring 99.99% disinfection of water storage, processing and pipeline system.


HOCl usage is backed by clinical studies and research by several organisations globally and is an approved, natural disinfectant by WHO, USFDA, US EPA, USDA, EU ECHA and other statutory bodies worldwide as being highly effective in killing a wide range of microorganisms, bacteria, influenza & noroviruses. It has also been proven to be in the list of disinfectants that can be used against SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) virus.


AQUOX is using the same technology of Electrolysis to produce HOCl through its generators and offer a natural shield against deadly bacteria & viruses.


During this global pandemic, when the entire country is being extra cautious in following safety, hygiene, sanitisation practices and is focusing on keeping the surroundings clean, AQUOX’s disinfectant generators emerge as the most natural, human-friendly and eco-friendly way of sanitising premises like schools, homes, universities, offices and disinfecting surfaces, personal care items, consumables, baby care products, pet products and more. Available from 300ml to 6000 litres of capacity, the generators can transform regular tap water & salt into miraculous disinfectants in the most eco-friendly, time-consuming and value-driven way.


So, how do these generators transform tap water into chemical-free cleaning solution?


Naturally made for the safety of humans and the environment, the disinfectant generators are powered by electrolysis of salt & water. AQUOX produces ELECTROLYSED WATER powered by HYPOCHLORUS ACID (HOCI technology), that is 100% non-toxic, natural and food safe. All it takes is a hassle-free 3-step formula i.e WATER + SALT + ELECTRICITY, where regular tap water is poured in the AQUOX generators of any particular-size along with specified quantity of table salt. The machine is then powered on with electricity.


AQUOX powers through an electrochemical activation process to produce electrolysed water, which changes the chemical compound of the solution to produce Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), the same germ-killer which a human body’s immune system naturally produces to kill the invading pathogens and bacteria. The final solution is a powerful biocide that immediately neutralizes any bacteria or virus once it comes in contact.






India, August 24, 2020