Millennials Wouldn’t Lie On A Date To Impress, Reveals QuackQuack’s Dating Survey - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Millennials Wouldn’t Lie On A Date To Impress, Reveals QuackQuack’s Dating Survey

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The pandemic has affected every aspect of our life and dating is no different. At a time when we all have restricted exposure to the outside world, the new generation has found their own way of communicating with their loved ones or building new connections.


With online dating witnessing a large spike among millennials in India, QuackQuack, a leading dating app in India with over 10 million Indian users, conducted a survey across 2000 of their newly joined users. The survey was conducted across major Indian cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & others and the results are quite intriguing.


1. Interests matter over photos - It might be argued that online dating is all about looks, but the survey reveals that 76% women would give more importance to common interests, bio and qualifications on a guy’s profile, while only a mere 24% would go for looks. As for men, 45% of them would like a profile solely based on the profile picture whereas 55% of the respondents would want to see something common between them along with their bio and qualifications.


2. Lying is not okay - Truth is the backbone of any relationship and millennials would abide by it on their first date as well. The results reveal that 90% of women wouldn’t lie to impress on their first date, while 72% of men have also affirmed the same. However, 28% of men would like to do anything to impress on their first date and this includes lying as well!


3. Chivalry exists - To the question ‘Who should pay on the first date?’, a majority 73% of women want to split the bill on the first date, while 60% men don’t mind paying the bill on their first date showing the courteous gesture each wants to extend on a first date.


4. I can wait for you - The COVID pandemic has restricted our outdoor movement for months now. The newly formed couples are also feeling the heat of the same as many of them are confined in their respective homes. Women are being extra cautious and rightly so as about 50% of them are not excited about meeting their mutual matches during the pandemic. Men on the other hand are willing to take the risk as 42% of them are willing to meet their counterparts if they agree to do so. Mutually about 30% of the couples are interested in growing their relationship over online chats & calls and will wait for the pandemic to mellow down for their first meeting to take place.