RHA Technologies Launches India's First Tech Co-founder Outsourcing Initiative With Signing Up Of Two Start-ups - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

RHA Technologies Launches India's First Tech Co-founder Outsourcing Initiative With Signing Up Of Two Start-ups

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RHA Technologies today announced the launch of the Unique Trust Dependent Outsourced Tech Co-Founder offering for Start-ups and SMEs. RHA Technologies has already signed 2 start-ups under this initiative giving credence to the business need in the market for Tech Co-founders. Tech co-founder outsourcing helps these start-ups complete their founding team thus aiding in product innovation, development, customer relationship management and importantly organisation valuation.



According to Harvard Business Review, companies that are equipped with both business and technical skills are disproportionately more likely to introduce new-to-the market innovations than firms that have only one of these skills.A recent survey by RHA Technologies with 20 start-ups showed that Founders believe that Go-to-market and MVP are severely impacted with delays and product quality issues in the absence of a tech co-founder.



Additionally, being a tech organisation in the backend, RHA Technologies as a Co-founder brings some unique advantages to clients that a dedicated tech cofounder will find near impossible to match. These include:



·         Continued learning and refreshing of tech skills and experiences

o   The experience of continually working with multiple tech issues in different business contexts constantly updates the innovation insights natively available to the founding team during the organisation lifetime



·         Complete alignment of vision with execution


o   Go-to-market and minimal-viable-product are constant challenges for the founding team. With an outsourced tech co-founder the vision and execution remain aligned



·         Assured tech resources on demand


o   The outsource tech co-founder model makes available a full-strength implementation team with complete flexibility of resource utilization and redundancy


RHA Technologies Pvt Ltd. is an Indian new age Tech Co-founder outsourcing and Technology solution provider. The company works with MNC organisation in addition to supporting start-ups and SMEs across product development and solution management, Digital Transformation, AI, ML etc.in traditional and new age businesses. RHA Technologies is the brainchild of IIT Kanpur graduate, Arun Meena. (https://rhatechnology.com/)




New Delhi, India – 27th August 2020