GoDaddy Launches Phase 2 Of Bijness Bhai Marketing Campaign In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS



MS Dhoni returns as Bijness Bhai to create awareness about having a complete online business solution



GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, today launched the second phase of its Indian marketing campaign - Bijness Bhai. This campaign continues the focus on encouraging small businesses in India to build a complete, integrated online business, and creates awareness about how GoDaddy’s online products and services can help them unlock success.



GoDaddy’s current brand ambassador in India and one of the world’s most renowned cricketers, MS Dhoni, returns as the mentor Bijness Bhai, with twice the groove and charmHe will be seen encouraging small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals across the country to take full advantage of owning a domain name by using it to create a website and getting a professional email, while maintaining a diverse social media presence to help achieve business success online. In line with the company’s commitment to offer support in local languages, the marketing campaign will be available in seven Indian languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu, to help spread the message to Indian small business owners and entrepreneurs across multiple geographies in the country.



“As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of being online to be able to sustain and grow amidst challenging and uncertain times, like we are experiencing right now. I’m super excited to be working with GoDaddy again as Bijness Bhai and help encourage more entrepreneurs, from across the country, to build a complete online solution for their businesses,” said MS Dhoni.


Conceptualized by Tilt Brand Solutions, a Mumbai based creative agency, the campaign features two quirky television commercials (TVCs) with Dhoni as “Bijness Bhai”, a role model for entrepreneurs, makers and independent doers, who advises them to further advance their online journeys and grow their business by using GoDaddy’s online products and services. Through a fun, engaging narrative, the commercials bring alive GoDaddy’s proposition of being the ideal partner of the new India’s driven and advanced entrepreneurial and small business ecosystem.


Currently the two TVCs have been released on GoDaddy’s official online and social channels, and will be live across various channels including TV and other digital platforms, in the coming few days.


TVC YouTue Links here:–

·  TVC 1 – Café -

·  TVC 2 - Chess -





NEW DELHI, September 29, 2020