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Outsourced CFO Financial Consultancy “Faustus Advisory” Launched

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- Will specialize in CFO, Accounting Services and Funding for SMEs and Startups




Faustus Advisory, financial services firm dedicated to supporting SMEs and start-ups, announced today that it has finalized formation and is now offering cost-effective, tailored, financial solutions. Faustus Advisory’s mission is to help start-ups and SMEs with the financial support they need to be successful at difficult time with long term vision. The company ensures that the organisation can have the trusted support of fully qualified CFO right from inception. The CFO provides capabilities to the SMEs that the standard combination of Accounts personnel and Chartered Accountant is unable to deliver, thus fast-tracking growth.


Traditionally, when faced with a challenge, business owners take the help of consultants. There is a common link between challenges faced by business and a patient fighting with disease, both search for a solution when it has reached its climax and they miss out on the stronger body benefits of “Prevention is better than cure”.Faustus Advisory researched and interacted with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and the key insights gleamed was that more than 90% of businesses face risk of survival within four years from commencement.


VC funding is another critical area that Faustus Advisory enables clients with outsource CFO service.  The CFO enables the right financial matrices which helps them feel more assured about investing in the Start-up at the right valuation. The preparation of financial matrices starts much before the presentation stage.


They start from the beginning: 


·       By controlling bad debts and outstanding 

·       By creating contracts that are litigation free 

·       By creating businesses practices for healthy cash flow 

·       By creating unit margins that are VC attractive 

·       By structuring employee and labour agreements for win-win 

·       By ensuring employee stock-options that attract best talent at low equity cost 

·       By ensuring compliances done properly at right time

·       and the list is endless 


NPA finance & Stressed funding (Rehabilitation of sick units, modification of repayment schedule, conversion of debt to equity etc) is another area which has come into bigger focus with the COVID-19 economic crisis. This is a complex exercise requiring the highest level of financial acumen. Faustus Advisory enables organisations to avail the maximum benefit of government schemes.


In addition, as an outsources CFO firm Faustus Advisory (https://faustusadvisory.com/) enables clients with benefits that even a full-time CFO would not be able to match.


These include: 


· Continuity of trust with no risk of CFO exit 

· Economic cost in line with the size of business 

· Support staff to deliver allied services 


Faustus brings a strong team of experienced, competent, skilled and proactive professionals from industry. The organization specialises on industry segments focusing more on quality of service by emphasizing on meeting the business needs of entrepreneur. The organisation thus brings to start-ups and SMEs rigour and expertise on par with the big four at budgets that are affordable to a start-up.






India, 2nd Sept, 2020