Luxottica Brings Its Global Digital Revolution In Eyewear To India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


Announces the launch of ‘Smart Shopper’, the new virtual optical store for seamless eyewear shopping

First ever digital platform to revolutionize the Indian eyewear market

Luxottica India is setting new benchmarks in bringing digital transformation in eyewear retailing with the introduction of ‘Smart Shopper’ - the first innovative-of-its-kind platform, now available at select optical stores in India.  Offering unique concepts like endless digital collections and augmented reality through Virtual Try-on, the Smart Shopper platform is now available to the end consumer, providing a safe and experiential shopping experience.

The virtual interface, fully integrated with Luxottica's state-of-the-art infrastructure, is tailor-made for each customer, linked ‘intelligently’ to the entire digital aisle of 15,000 plus products within the portfolio of over 20 brands. Not only is the consumer able to access this huge selection but is also able to virtually try-on almost any product through digital scan on the tablet devices.   Each frame appears on screen as it is, via the use of high-definition real-time rendering and navigable 360-degree technology that can be enlarged to magnify every detail.  The consumer can take a closer look at the product and move their head around, to appraise from different angles and analyze how the frame sits on their face.

Over the past few years, Luxottica has invested heavily in its own digital renovation and has evolved the way it operates globally, developing digital platforms that connect the company’s operations to its customers. Especially relevant in these challenging times of social distancing, these digital platforms like Smart Shopper are enabling the company and its trade partners to significantly enhance their ability to serve consumer needs.


Smart Shopper is the very first time an optical store is being enabled to portray the vast portfolio of products for all Luxottica brands; whether consumers are physically at the store or through remote sessions with them while they are at home. The Smart Shopper feature has been recently launched in Delhi at Luxottica India’s premium retail partner Dayal Opticals at their Khan Market store, Delhi. This feature will soon be introduced at leading opticians across top 20 cities in India.