Top 4 Products To Clean And Disinfect Your Home Against COVID-19 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS



COVID-19 can easily spread via human to human transmission, As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’. It is the duty of each individual to keep them safe by using necessary gear if required. On a normal basis, all you have to do is wash hands regularly with soap or alcohol-based sanitizers for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching anywhere on the face, if you feel an urge to cough or sneeze, then use elbows or tissues (dispose of them safely), and stay at home if you are sick.




Coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down. It has completely changed our lifestyle. We are supposed to be extremely cautious about the way we handle things these days to keep ourselves protected from the COVID-19 infection. COVID-19 may be having a devastating impact on our industries, social lives and personal grooming standards, but it is also prompting an outpouring of creativity in other areas. From vegetable cleaners to Mobile sterilizers every product has become a must have in this scenario.


After the outbreak our lifestyle has changed the way we live and operate. Here are the few options to make our life easy and healthy.


1. Vegetable Cleaner - AQUOX AQ-DG 2000

Solving the problem, Indian brand AQUOX has introduced a natural, food-safe and chemical-free all-in-one fruit and vegetable purifier, which is easy to make at home using Tap Water + Table Salt + Vinegar + Electricity in just 5 minutes. The AQUOX AQ-DG 2000 effectively cleans and sterilizes fruits, vegetables, meat & seafood. Kills 99.99% bacteria, virus, pesticides and antibiotics from the surface of the food items and keeps them fresh for a longer period, thereby increasing their shelf life and making their consumption safe and healthy. Tested in Indian NABL Certified Lab for Biocode Efficacy that has been proven to effectively eliminating 99.99% of all pathogens as well as removing residual pesticides, microbes, fungi, yeast and molds.Being 80 times stronger than conventional bleach based disinfection & cleaning products.



2. Car Sanitizer - BodyGuard Multipurpose Alcohol Based Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray 
Bodyguard, a known brand, presents this disinfectant spray that can be used for cleaning your car effectively. The offered car disinfectant spray is safe and ideal to be used on the dashboard, seats, leg space area, deck, and cabin of your vehicle. This product is an alcohol-based formula with the ability to decontaminate germs and offer a complete hygiene solution for your car. You also get to experience the pleasing and refreshing fragrance that this spray offers after applying.



3. UV Sterilizer box -  SmartCam 3-in-1 Portable UV Sterilizer Box

The SmartCam 3-in-1 Portable UV Sterilizer Box offers 360-degree UV sterilization with no dead zone. This portable sterilizer kills bacteria in 3 minutes. This sanitizer keeps a slim, travel-friendly profile by being collapsible, and the lid zips open and closed to help ensure that UV light doesn't leak out and damage your eyes or your skin.The device is made of Eco-friendly premium material which makes it durable and efficient for the operation. The nano-coating layer over the device makes it resistant to high temperature and durable to use. The progress display bar on the head of the device helps you know the sterilization process. The closing and opening lid make 360-degree UV sterilization inside the box. The device is equipped with the voice recognition feature that informs you about the going on sterilization process. On the other hand, the fast wireless charging function never lets your mobile out of battery.




4. Greenshield Food Surface wipes

If you are at a place where you cannot wash fruits, vegetables or other objects, it is better to use disinfectant wipes to remove impurities from the surface. To help you clean your fruits on the go, these food surface wipes by Greenshield can be a good choice to buy online. The Green Shield Anti-Bacterial Food Surface Wipes kill listeria, E. coli & salmonella. Safe for food preparation areas, the Food Surface Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria. This super-convenient design are resealable packs that keep wipes moist and fresh for use, can be disposed with.