Digital Jalebi Curates The First Of Its Kind Digitalised Heritage Museum In India – Recreates Sister Nivedita’s Home - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Digital Jalebi Curates The First Of Its Kind Digitalised Heritage Museum In India – Recreates Sister Nivedita’s Home

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Recently launched, Digital Jalebi created the first of its kind Digitalised Heritage Museum and Knowledge Centre in West Bengal, India.

The Digital Jalebi Team worked around the clock for 4 months to gather and imbibe the available information, as it was not easy to work on a sensitive subject. it becomes crucial to understand the story of the Sisters in all parameters.

Digital Jalebi, with the use of interactive exhibits created the storyline in 14 exhibits. The team wanted the museum to be precise and to make sure that when someone visits the place, the person should get the real-life feel and glimpses of Sister Nivedita's life. 

In terms of technology and design: Digital Jalebi has curated an interactive way to portray the life of Sisters including Sister Nivedita. The technologies used were Projection-Mapping, Location-based augmented reality, Gesture-based exhibits, Touch kiosk.

In terms of curation of materials: Digital Jalebi researched Sister Nivedita's life closely by reading all of the books, documentaries, and writings available and also visited the place to understand the space and its requirements.

The place was renovated by an architectural firm, Digital Jalebi’s work was to create exhibits that recreates the real life events that happened in the past at the same place in that same area. The brief was basic but the team worked and researched to make it interactive at every level.

Digital Jalebi claims that there are no similar projects available in India as this was renovating Sister Nivedita's home into heritage museums not purely for commercial purposes. 

The major challenge faced by the team was to create these exhibits and interactive solutions to portray Sister Nivedita's journey. They required hardware to be installed and they could not nail anything on the wall and were not allowed to play with space. It was a defined space where the exhibits needed to be installed. In terms of technologies, the team had major challenges for instance while for one of the exhibits in the courtyard the team spent a good amount of day, as the team mapped the entire course of time and weather so that the exhibit becomes independent and should work irrespective of the change in light and weather. They took images of the different timelines of the day so that they can train the software in a certain manner that can show and track the entire area and augment all the images irrespective of the change in lighting conditions and the time of the day.

In the same context, we are exploring an interaction (email/telephonic/zoom) opportunity for Mr Nikhil Joshi, Co-Founder, Digital Jalebi.

Please find the attached profile of the company and the spokespersons for your ready reference.

They can deliberate upon the following points:

  • Who is Sister Nivedita and why was this curation idea conceived?  
  • How has Digital Jalebi transformed a home (Sister Nivedita's) into a heritage museum?
  • What kind of technologies have they incorporated to create the touchless/contactless space for the visitors?
  • Importance of such museums for the future / upcoming generation

  • How much time and what kind of efforts did it take to come up with the Museum?

Or you can always have your own set of questions!

Let us now your thoughts on the same please.