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An exceptional dishwasher to clean your utensils


FFIL is India's leading kitchen appliances manufacturer with Swiss and Italian parentage for “Franke” and “Faber” brands respectively. Franke Faber India Limited is part of 2.5 billion USD Franke Artemis Group. Franke Artemis Group has business interests in Kitchen Systems, Food Service, Coffee Systems, Beverage Systems & Washroom Systems and is present in over 70 countries.

With its India headquarters in Pune, the Franke Faber India Limited has completed 16 years of its India journey. Both brands have their own space and operate as an independent entity in the market.

While FFIL sales Sinks, Faucets, Accessories and Bio-waste Disposers under “FRANKE” brand, it sells its Hoods, Hobs, Cooktops, Cooking range, Built In Ovens and Dishwashers under “FABER” brand.

Faber’s Black finish Dishwasher is launched to will help to save your time and water in your kitchen, as it efficiently claims to use much less water than hand washing. The breakthrough innovative 3D wash technology uses three spray arms to maximize water spray to all corners of the dishwasher and saves up to 15% time.


This latest generation dishwasher guarantees the very best performance. It embodies the company philosophy: premium quality raw materials and excellent finished products. Low consumption of water and energy, excellent washing and drying results in a faster and quicker way.


Specification :

· A++/A/A (energy/cleaning/drying)


· 6 washing programs: Intensive, Normal, Eco, 90min, Glass and Rapid


Features of Faber Dishwasher:

· 12 Place capacity


· Black finish


· Half Load


· Height Adjustable Upper Rack


· Power Memory


· Electronic Push Button Control


· Display


· Natural Drying


· 1-24 hours delay


· Salt and Rinse Aid Indicators


· Self Clean


· Electronic Aqua Stop


Additional Features :

· Zone Wash – Upper, lower or both, zone wash provides targeted cleaning in the selected wash zone, so no more waiting to get a full dishwasher load to run a cycle.


· Half Load  - Less resource consumption with half load option. No longer need to wait for a fully loaded dishwasher to start the cleaning.


· Delay Start – With the delay start function, you can set your dishwasher to start around your schedule.


· Infinite Plus Cutlery Drawer – Our new cutlery drawer is more flexible and safer than ever. Not only slidable to provide extra space for tall utensils in the middle rack but now also foldable. The moving part of the tray can now be lowered for offering extra room for coffee mugs, egg beater etc. while providing easy access to silverware.


· Height adjustable basket – More room can be created with the height-adjustable upper basket to accommodate tall stemware in upper basket or extra large bakeware in lower basket.


· Soft Close baskets – Smooth, quiet and secure close of the basket with the soft close feature, so no more banging or knocking of the baskets on the tub.


· Glide Rail – The ball bearing basket slides are designed for smooth glide in and out of the baskets with loads as heavy as 9 kg. With just simple push or pull, the baskets can easily move in the way you want.


Price:Price on Request


Model No: FFSD 6PR 12 NEO BK


 Customer service: 1800 209 3484







New Delhi,October 2020