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Gleeden: When Work & Affairs Go Hand-In-Hand!

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India is a country where arranged marriages are worshipped as the most sacred facet of the institution of marriage. Naturally, many are pushed into wedlock against their will or desire and later, they find it hard to co-exist with their partners. A marked ramification of this is people seeking love outside their marriage. When they find someone they organically click with, many do not think twice before embarking upon this dangerous but enthralling journey. 


Quite interestingly, a recent study conducted by Gleeden; an extramarital dating platform with over 1 million active subscribers in India, undertook stock of long-lasting encounters and perilous relationships within the workplace. The findings are based on the feedback of 1000 Indian users from Tier-1 cities who have conducted or are indulged in extramarital affairs at their workplace.


“The workplace is where nowadays grown-up individuals spend most of their time. It is also where the most of our social interactions are concentrated. “Solo-interactions”, because the time spent in the office is not usually shared with the partner / spouse. That’s why it’s easy to understand why so many affairs begin in the workplace: contingency, closeness and frequency. Lovers who meet at the office are almost always colleagues who work together, who share projects that sees them work closely and who see each other every day. They have high chances to build a deep bond that can easily turn into attraction and (eventually) love” says Ms. Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager of India, Gleeden, on the survey.


Sex at Work – Crossing Lines

In addition to being a place where sexual scandals are rampant, officesare actually the root of several sexual fantasies and sexual adventures. This is primarily true for men. The study has revealed that 54% of men, as opposed to 30% of women, have already fantasized about their colleague.


To put things in perspective, almost 12% of the participants said that they have indulged in flirtatious exchange with a co-worker with an underlying intent to seduce them as soon as they meet. It’s the men, specifically, who find the idea of getting down and dirty with a work colleague quite luring. On top of that, about 20% confessed to having fantasized already about a co-worker they had just met.


Office Sex –Numbers are Huge!

As per the recently conducted survey, it turns out that sex at work is possibly rifer than imagined. Numbers are riveting. Almost 36% have admitted to having had sex already with a colleague, while 28% confessed that they had a sexual intercourse with their co-worker in the office itself. Though some prefer to stick to flirty discretion, many take the plunge for it without any reluctance.


Work: a high-risk area for couples!

The study showed that a quarter of couples met their better half in their professional spaces. But if workplaces have led to beautiful love stories, they have also become places where people tend to get adventurous and indulge in extramarital excursions.


The numbers are intriguing, to say the least. 27% confessed to seducing a co-worker who was already in a committed relationship at the time. And the vice versa has been true for 17%, who admitted to cheating with someone at their workplace when they themselves were committed. 10% have ended their relationships to get in bed with the one they met during their professional assignment.


Summing Up

Whether one likes it or not, affairs are here to stay. This very instant they are happening everywhere – be it at one’s workplace, in the neighbourhood or maybe somewhere within families too. In majority cases, they might end up in hurt or betrayal but that doesn’t stop people from venturing into it.