Mi Announces Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro Sporting 22.5W Ultra-Fast Charge - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro

Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro is designed and built to give consumers faster charging with enhanced safety and protection. It comes with a 10,000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery which ensures safe charging with every use. It also comes with a 12-layer advanced chip protection which safeguards all devices from factors such as temperature protection, short circuit, reset protection, battery overcharge and over discharge protection,  among other things, making it the perfect companion, even as part of your carry-on accessory on a flight. Mi Pocket Powerbank Pro features low power charging mode which allows consumers to charge devices that require low-power output such as Bluetooth headsets, fitness bands or smartwatches safely by simply double pressing the power button.

Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro 10000mAh comes with 22.5W ultra-fast charging and can charge a typical 4500mAh smartphone battery 1.6 times on a single charge. It is made from high quality and environment friendly PC + ABS material that makes it lightweight, yet strong and durable. Featuring a Type-C and Micro-USB charging input support, the device comes with three output ports letting users not only charge their smartphone but other gadgets and accessories as well.

Pricing and Availability :

-Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro will be available in Black colour variant, exclusively on Mi.com and Mi Homes, starting 5th November 2020