Introducing Debutant Rapz In The Wireless Audio Market - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

“At Rapz, we are on a mission to transform the world with music & help you dance to the tunes”


Rapz is an original lifestyle wireless audio brand in the world of music maniacs, which is endeavoring to create a legacy of its own by its athletic formation, and music beats. These admirable audio solutions are engineered in a manner that promises high-quality audio and extended battery life. The product is an accomplished result of a lot of brainstorming by a bunch of Delhi based creative professionals held together by their quality industry experience.

The brand stands the test of time when it comes to any kind of evaluation. Whether it’s listening to music during a morning walk, or an audiobook while traveling or to restrict unwanted noises at a crowded city center, Rapz Earbud is the best solution to transform the world to its tunes. The USP of this product is its uncompromising features. 

With attributes like delicate and smooth ear tips to relish music for hours and multi-function buttons for a hands-free experience, Rapz makes for an out-and-out chic product to have in your list of essentials. Further adding to its characteristics, the brand gives absolute liberation from entangling wires, a water-resistant experience equipped with an efficient mic and stereo calling, and also Google Assistant & Siri compatible inbuilt programming.

Rapz earbuds come in two designs, Bluetooth neckband earphones and the Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, both rendering equal amount of satisfactory experience. Either of them are a convenient fit for any sort of adventure to groove along with.

Additional details of all the different models are present in the website and are available for purchase.

New Delhi, 4th November 2020