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Rizzle Announces Partnership With Sony Music Entertainment

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Rizzle, the fastest-growing Short Series app, announces an exciting music partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (SME) to make SME’s complete catalogue of songs available to the amazing rising stars on the Rizzle app.

SME’s vast music catalog has tens of thousands of songs from the top playback singers that all Indians have seen in their favorite Bollywood movies with superstar actors. Rizzle has thousands of Rizzle Series from amazingly talented short video series creators. SME and Rizzle partnership brings super hit Bollywood tracks to the already vast Rizzle sound clips library. Adding popular soundtracks to Rizzle Series is a unique value to the episodic series creators of India. Short filmmakers on Rizzle can now reach new heights of fame with popular song and dance sequences or background music from popular Bollywood movies in their Rizzle Series.

Rizzle Series are original scripted or unscripted episodic video series created by Rizzlers using just their smartphones. Rizzle’s unique features aid and enable the creation of binge-worthy Rizzle Series content. Rizzle has witnessed an exponential growth in content creators in the last few months, owing to the plethora of amazing features and options that make the app uniquely suited for making Rizzle Series.

Rizzle will also provide a promotional opportunity for SME’s artists and songs. This collaboration will enable SME to promote new releases and new artists to Rizzle Short Series creators.

The addition of Sony’s Indian catalogue expands the content spectrum while allowing Rizzle users the unique opportunity to introduce background scores and clips of popular music into the content they’re creating. Rizzle also introduced Rizzle Studios where free acting and performance classes by trained and experienced professionals are available to all aspiring creators.

India, November 2020