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The Fourth CIIE Begins Taking Stall Reservations From Exhibitors

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Some exhibitors planning to attend the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) next year started to reserve their stalls on Nov 8. This is the first time that the CIIE has offered such an option.

Five dairy companies – Fonterra, Mille, Ausnutria, Yashily and Saputo – marked their reserved booths on a map of the fourth CIIE.

Companies showcasing products at the beauty makeup section of the Consumer Goods Exhibition Area, pharmaceutical products section of the Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products Exhibition Area, and dairy products section of the Food and Agricultural Exhibition Area will receive priority when reserving their exhibition stalls, as part of new measures adopted by the fourth CIIE.

"We hope to explore a mechanism where exhibitors can choose their preferred stalls on their own starting from next year," said a worker responsible for recruiting exhibitors to the fourth CIIE.

He added that exhibitors can decide earlier to attend the expo and make preparations in advance.

The stalls at the CIIE's Food and Agricultural Products Area have always proved to be popular among exhibitors wanting to make reservations.

The exhibition area occupied by dairy companies at the third CIIE was nearly 10,000 square meters, with six of the top eight dairy companies in the world taking part in.

The fourth CIIE's Food and Agricultural Products Area has remained popular, with over 10 dairy companies having signed on to attend and their signed exhibition areas surpassing a total area of 5,000 square meters.

Over 120 beauty makeup and daily chemical companies have been invited to make reservations for exhibition stalls at the fourth CIIE, and many of them are currently signing agreements or making down payments.

Due to high exhibitor demand, the fourth CIIE's beauty makeup and daily chemical product section is expected to expand to 25,000 square meters from 20,000 sq m this year.

China is the largest and most significant market for Fonterra. The CIIE has provided development opportunities for them, said Han Li, Vice-President of Fonterra Greater China, explaining why they continue to attend the expo and make reservations.

The fourth CIIE began taking applications from business exhibitors on Sept 28. It will set up six business exhibition areas: Intelligent Industry & Information Technology, Consumer Goods, Automobile, Food and Agricultural Products, Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products and Trade in Services.

SHANGHAI, Nov. 13, 2020