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4 Technological Innovations That Are Helping In Making Life Safer During Pandemic

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As the coronavirus cases increased globally, there has been a need to adapt to a new lifestyle. To prevent and save ourselves from this outbreak entrepreneurs are putting in more technology innovations to deal with the crisis and bank on it. Below is the list of 4 innovations that emerged during the outbreak. 

Aquox - AQDG 300 - A 300 ml Multi-Purpose HOCI generator, ideal for household disinfection, cleaning, and sanitization of hard & non-porous surfaces at home, such as the floor, walls, bathroom, furniture, household appliances, kitchen spaces, tableware, bathroom, electronic gadgets, personal care products, cars and much more. Use AQUOX 300ml DG as a Hand Sanitizer, Deodorizer, and air purifier to remove bad odor from bathrooms, cars, pet smell, etc. Priced at Rs. 3999/- on amazon.in, this elegantly designed generator is built with an Ultra smooth spray nozzle that triggers uninterrupted spray with fine mist effect, allowing disinfection of larger areas quickly and easily.

Coronaoven - Coronaoven comes from Log9Materials. This is a nano-technology company that was started by IIT Roorkee alumni and has over 16 global patents.  Departing from costs, developing a cost-effective methodology to not only manufacture the material but also incorporate it in their current product lines to realize it’s potential. The CoronaOven is a first-of-its-kind product that was developed in record time, mindful of the urgency which our nation and the world faces. It helps sanitize the surfaces of various products/ objects of regular use at home and hospitals and helps prevent surface-to-human transmission of Covid-19.

Milagrow Sea This robotic floor cleaner features a strong suction power of up to 1500 Pa that ensures it is able to deliver thorough cleaning. It boasts of two suction settings - 800 Pa and 1500 Pa, that are designed to suck up large and small particles. The AI smart cleaning mode delivers wall-to-wall cleaning. This innovative technology helps in contactless cleaning during this hard time when social distancing has become a mandate.

IFITech Portable UV sterilizer Box - This box has a sleek design that makes it easy to carry this while on the go. The UV light sterilizer kills as much as up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just 5 minutes, making it very easy and convenient to disinfect your smartphone. The UV-C light of the device destroys the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells, cause cell death and achieve the effect of sterilization. With advanced UV-C light technology, IFITech UV Sanitizer kills up to maximum of germs and bacteria.