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Chicco Booster Chair - “Fun And Comfortable Experience for Your Baby”

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Your baby’s first meal is a precious occasion as it brings fun moments for both of you like when you see your kid enjoying different flavours for the first time. To cherish the same, when baby starts in taking solid diets, it is important to have a spot, which is safe and comfortable. For ensuring the same, Chicco has come up with innovative booster Chairs, one thing that every mom must have for her little one. Right from holding your baby effortlessly to providing a correct posture so that your baby can relish the meals, Chicco High Chair is a multi- purpose product by the proactive brand that has always been a brilliant support for the parents.

A high chair should be picked according to a baby’s height and weight, thus the brand offers a wide range, suitable for different age offering utmost comfort featuring styles, designs, and colours. Coming in variety of safety and customisation features, Chicco’s high chair helps in developing proper table manners right from the beginning so that the family can easily arrange their mealtimes.

Some of the unique features like large washable tray, compact foldable design, adjustable height & backrest, multiple reclining options, and wheels with brakes are great for comfortable & convenient meals for growing kids. This chair is durable enough to withstand several years of daily use and cater to the daily mealtimes of your baby smoothly.

Let your baby snuggle in the stylish and lightweight booster chair of Chicco India and enjoy the fun and munching time together.

Price:      Chicco – Booster Chair    INR 4990