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NIXI Partner with Indian Xgenplus to offer FREE Email with every IDN Domain name.


India has large linguistic diversity with 22 constitutionally recognized languages and 15 scripts.  .IN and .भारत are unique symbols of India and its role in the digital world. National Internet Exchange Of India (NIXI) which operates and manages Indias INRegistry ccTLD .IN and .भारत   in 22 Indian Scripts under Atma nirbhar Bharat, which translates to 'self-reliant India' or 'self-sufficient India', has partnered with Indian company Data Xgen Technologies to Offer one FREE Email address on every Internationalized Domain Names ( IDNs ) in all 22 Indian languages and 15 scripts.

 Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names represented in local language characters. Such domain names could contain letters or characters from non-ASCII scripts. A relatively smaller proportion of the Indian population is English literate. IDNs will be enablers to help further increase the penetration of the Internet through the use of local languages and local vernacular content. In India, the IN Registry is also responsible for registering IDNs in Indian Languages.

 Indic email addresses bridge the digital divide and can bring millions of people online. The uniqueness of this email service is that its language agnostic. So Its time now for everyone to think like bharat, not India and avail power of the internet even those who doesnt know English and now communicate in their own local languages and get bhasha ki azadi in digital space.

 Data Xgen Technologies is First Company in the world to offer a fully compiled EAI email address on an IDN domain name. It  is serving over 50 million users globally.

 An e-mail which normally costs around Rs.400-500 per year, is made absolutely free for the IDN domain users of India with immediate effect. This facility is available with all Registrars of NIXI in India who can facilitate the user to get a free e-mail immediately after registering a IDN domain (.Bharat). 

The aim of NIXI is to spread the use of local languages in the digital world. The e-mail will not only help the user but also motivate the recipient in the coming days to come. To promote use of the Internet in local languages, NIXI is taking several steps. Not only motivating internet users in India to use internet in local languages but also universally accepting the same at international level.

.Bharat in 22 languages and 15 scripts is a unique proposition which is being offered by NIXI in India as India is the only country in the world, which has IDN (Internationalised domain names) in 22 languages whereas other countries have either one or maximum two IDNs which are authorised, operational and accepted by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

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