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Gleeden: Couples Are Banking Big On Online Dating

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The platform has been witnessing a 140% increase in their Indian subscriber base with 10% of the users belonging to the age group of 55 & above

Gleeden; world’s first discreet extramarital dating platform with over a million users in India today announced that they have been witnessing a 140% increase in their Indian user base.   

The platform is also experiencing a 10% increase in the number of profiles visited and contacted per session as people that are now free to meet in real life are hasting the part where they get to know each other and they tend to be less engaged towards only one person, the scenario was different during the lockdown as users were involved in much deeper connections strengthen by longer conversations. The platform also claimed that the overall time spent on the website has tripled with respect to 2019 as even after lifting the lockdown restrictions people still feel safer with virtual dating when compared to real life, where the risk to catch the virus remains high.  

Gleeden has also been witnessing a small percentage of increase in users from 55+ year’s old bracket on their platform which constitutes only 10% of the entire Indian community. It’s interesting to notice that despite the numbers, 55+ years old Indian users are very active on the website, with the majority connecting every day and multiple times per day. The gap between male and female users for this niche platform gets larger as the age increases, with 80% of male users vis-a-vis only 20% of female users (the average ratio of the Indian community is 35% women / 65% men).


The older generation also engage in 3x times longer conversations (their chat sessions last 1.5 hours on average) and they send 2x times private messages when compared to the younger users. They are also the ones who send the highest number of virtual gifts.

Men of this age are also big spenders on Gleeden, and they are the ones who always buy the 400 pack (7000 INR). On the other hand, men’s profiles are most of times not complete, which probably denotes a scarce familiarity with profile pictures and how to build a social media profile. However, female users of this age range tend to complete their profile upto the 100% mark.  The most interesting factor is that both men and women from this age bracket look for profiles younger than them. Not only men, that goes without saying, but also women. 55+ years old women on Gleeden want to have fun with younger partners, even if just virtually. 

7th December’ 2020 India