Lucideus Launches SAFE Me, Redefines The Way Consumers Secure And Protect Their Digital Lives - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Lucideus Launches SAFE Me, Redefines The Way Consumers Secure And Protect Their Digital Lives

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A one of its kind mobile application, SAFE Me empowers consumers to proactively defend against a growing number of cyber threats

Lucideus, a global pioneer in Cybersecurity and Digital Business Risk Quantification (CRQ), today announced the launch of SAFE Me, a one of its kind mobile application which will fundamentally change the way consumers secure and protect their digital life. The zero-permission and free of cost mobile application leverages Lucideus’ proprietary breach likelihood scoring algorithm built as joint research with MIT and relies on AI & Machine Learning to provide every individual with a cyber risk (or breach likelihood) score on a scale of zero to five based on a combination of factors including device security, exposure on the deep and dark web, cybersecurity awareness and more.

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to humanity and Gallup’s  research has shown consumers agree. The public worries more regularly about the hacking of personal data (71%) and identity theft (67%) than non-cybercrime, such as robbery (25%) or assault (20%). At the same time, consumers are considered one of the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain with human negligence causing 63% of corporate insider threats. This dissonance between people’s understanding of cybersecurity and how they act speaks to the importance of changing the way the public engages in the cybersecurity conversation.

Lucideus’ SAFE Me is designed to evolve this archaic way of managing human-related cyber risks into a mobile-first, unified cybersecurity experience personalized for every individual. SAFE Me gamifies the experience making cybersecurity easily accessible for consumers so they can understand their risk posture and take steps to improve. Beyond consumers, SAFE Me also empowers enterprises and executives to manage cyber risk proactively and objectively by offering a unique view into the organization’s risk posture, helping businesses prepare for and get ahead of threats.

SAFE Me will be available in three versions – Basic, Enterprise and Platinum – to suit a diverse range of consumer and business-level cybersecurity needs.  SAFE ME is available for download in the iOS App Store and Android/Google Play Store

Palo Alto, California, 3rd December 2020