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Adding Stage Backdrop On Airmeet Digital Platform for Virtual Events

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Digital backgrounds can add finesse to your virtual events. Airmeet – an all in one, secure, simple and scalable solution for building real connections online has recently hopped on this bandwagon to allow its users to add a static image as a stage backdrop while they host largescale events.

With the ability to host over 1 lakh concurrent users at any given time, Airmeet has been revolutionising the virtual events industry and has aided in empowering the community of digitally native events.

Here are the steps to follow in order to add a stage background while hosting an event on Airmeet :


1. Go to the dashboard and select the Airmeet where you want to upload the background image


2. Then select the Stage Backdrop button visible on the left-hand side


3. Upon clicking the Upload backdrop image button you would be able to select a file – for which the recommended format is JPEG/PNG and the size limit is 5 MB

4. Now you would be able to Preview the backdrop image after which you can save it, should you think it looks good


5. The saved background would now by applied to the selected event. However, should you like for it to be applied by default on all sessions – you can do so by clicking on Set as default backdrop 





1.      On the lower right hand side corner of your screen, you can select the three dots menu and click on the update stage backdrop option



2.      You can now select a pre-uploaded backdrop from the dashboard by clicking on the available options that pop up and update backdrop



3.      Should you like to remove the background image you can select the Remove backdrop option