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Conscious Carma - A Magazine For The Consciously Driven

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The pandemic has taught the World some great lessons. Almost everyone has realized the worthiness of humanity, realized the implications of our actions on the environment and everyone around us and realized how we all are connected.

Conscious Carma was thus born amidst the pandemic, realizing the urgency to highlight every single act of goodness to encourage others and bring about a revolution to make this World a better place to live. “Conscious Carma, in simple words means, Think Before You Act!. If we all start following this simple rule, the world will become a better place to live.  Ofcourse, provided we all think and act in the manner most appropriate to the entire creation”, says Poonam K Malhotra, Editor-in-Chief, Conscious Carma magazine.

Conscious Carma is a bi-monthly global e-magazine from India to applaud Governments, Corporates, Societies and Individuals who are taking conscious initiatives towards a sustainable and equal world. The magazine incorporates product innovations and breakthrough technologies for a sustainable world, CSR initiatives of Corporates, philanthropic deeds of individuals and various initiatives of the Governments aimed at sustainable, equal and overall growth of its citizens and the economy. The First issue of the magazine was launched in Dec 2020.


The magazine is available online at