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Few Steps To Understand Speed-Networking On Airmeet App

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Speed networking is a meeting set-up planned to hasten business contacts. Airmeet – an all in one, secure, simple and scalable solution for building real connections online allows participants to conduct meaningful one-on-one conversations just like in an on-ground event. Participants can virtually interact with each other for a quick one-on-one discussion where the host decides the time duration of interaction and attendees can build authentic connections with no limits.

Here are the steps to follow for speed networking in your Airmeet:

1.      Login into your Airmeet event.


2.      Select the “Configure social lounge” visible on the top right-hand side.

3.      Enable speed-networking, set the time and notify your attendees.



4.      Enjoy the speed-networking now.

5.      Make use of public chat to notify your attendees.