Hospido.in Unveils Cancer Dost - AI Enabled ChatBot Giving Free Opinion On Cancer - GADGET-INNOVATIONS



·  Cancer Dost gives you free opinion on various types of cancers 

·  Cancer Dost is an automated AI Bot for giving advice on free cancer treatment

·  Will help transform  the landscape of healthcare globally 




Hospido.in, a gurugram based tech enabled online platform dedicated to treating Cancer patients all over India has announced the launch of Cancer Dost, an AI enabled Chatbot for free opinion on Cancer around the world.



Hospido.in's new chatbot “Cancer Dost" is a completely automated AI bot that will give free cancer treatment guidance to patients and will usher in a new possibility of affordable and accessible cancer guidance that could transform the healthcare landscape globally. India has a poor oncologist to patient ratio and this tool will especially help those in smaller cities to know their possible treatment options.


The Pandemic has undeniably  provided those in healthcare and technology communities with several problems to solve. The year 2020 has indefinitely enabled telemedicine at scale and adapting to a speed that was previously unseen in healthcare. 



New Delhi, January, 2021