Uber And OnePlus Comes Together To Offer Employee Travel Solutions In The New Normal - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Uber And OnePlus Comes Together To Offer Employee Travel Solutions In The New Normal

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Red Cable Club members will get special offers on Uber gift cards

Uber today announced a partnership with OnePlus to provide a range of mobility solutions for the travel needs of their employees, making the back-to-the-workplace transition as seamless and convenient as possible. 

The strategic partnership will enable all OnePlus employees and staff across stores and service centres to use their Uber for Business account while requesting a trip on the Uber App, helping them feel safer when commuting to and from work. 

As part of the partnership, OnePlus’ Red Cable Club members will also get exclusive discounts on Uber gift cards. 

By adapting Uber’s core services, Uber for Business will offer OnePlus access to on-demand mobility services, supporting business travel, employee commuting, customer and guest courtesy rides, making it a true one stop shop for all transportation solutions. Through flexible and cost-effective mobility solutions, Uber hopes to support the revival of the retail industry as well as the Indian economy. 

Safety remains a top priority and over the last few months, Uber has made substantial investments to procure safety supplies for drivers and implemented innovative technology-driven solutions to help riders and driver partners feel safer while on a trip. 
These include a comprehensive set of safety measures, such as the Go Online Checklist, a mandatory mask policy for both riders and driver partners, pre-trip mask verification selfies for riders and driver partners and mandatory driver partner education on safety SOPs. 

Additionally, Uber has pioneered safety ‘cockpits’ or safety screens in India, an innovative and protective ceiling-to-floor transparent plastic screen installed between the passenger and the driver thereby limiting contact with the rider. Complementing this measure, Uber has also distributed safety kits to driver partners consisting of masks, sanitizers and disinfectants to sanitize the cars between rides.

Delhi, January 22, 2020