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Xerox Reveals Suite Of Production Print Innovations To Address Industry Demand

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Nine new products and features focus on boosting productivity and profit for print providers


Xerox announced a suite of production print innovations including new presses, technology enhancements for existing printers as well as artificial intelligence and automation features that aid speed and productivity.



At a virtual event attended by partners and clients around the world, Xerox unveiled the following innovations:


  • Color Accelerator module for Baltoro, expanding inkjet applications and adding ink-saving automation


  • Addition of fluorescent pink to the Iridesse Production Press, enhancing its metallics, white and clear color palette


  • Two new printers capable of higher volumes, more media and extended color options in the Versant family


  • Two Xerox Nuvera print speed upgrades that best competition


  • AI-enabled media manager software that enables high-quality images with minimal set-up and staff time


  • Automated workflow updates to seamlessly print embellishments with FreeFlow Core 6.0



As the leader in the production color market, Xerox is committed to helping customers expand their business, enhance productivity with new technology and protect their existing investments with new tools and features.



Digital print enhancements increase profitability, delivering higher margins and allowing print customers to expand into new areas. According to Keypoint Intelligence, digital print enhancement is expected to generate $25 billion a year and can increase a printers’ profit by 50 to 400 percent. By making it easier, customizable and faster to produce these pages, Xerox technology provides multiple entry options for customers to expand their business and increase profit.



“Currently, print enhancement is the fastest-growing segment in the industry and Xerox is committed to bring the latest innovation to its customers in India to help them expand their business,” said Vineet Gehani, Director - Technology and Channels, Xerox India, “With the launch of our new technology and features, the capabilities and profit potential of the existing devices would be further expanded. Our customers would certainly benefit from the new presses being introduced that would help cater to the demand of higher volume, extended media and color palettes. Our constant endeavour towards innovation and improvement is the reason Xerox remains on top in the production print market.”



Xerox Color Accelerator for Baltoro

The Xerox Baltoro™ High Fusion Inkjet Press platform, No. 1 in the B3 cut-sheet inkjet market, now has a field-upgradable module that expands its range. The Xerox Color Accelerator for Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press enables increased print quality, expanded media options and automation to make inkjet printing viable for lucrative applications such as direct mail, postcards and catalogs. With intelligent automation, Baltoro uses 50% less ink than competitor presses to purge inkjet heads, increasing uptime and productivity while delivering consistent, reliable quality.



Introduced last year, Baltoro is redefining the inkjet market. At a fraction of the size, weight and power consumption of competitor presses, Baltoro offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) while being the only scalable, customizable platform in its class.



Fluorescent Pink for Iridesse

Xerox has the broadest color capability and Beyond CMYK offerings across any portfolio. No one offers the range of colors, embellishments, mixed metallics, extended gamut, media options and single-pass digital enhancement technology as Xerox.



The Xerox Iridesse® Production Press is adding fluorescent pink specialty dry ink option to its existing Beyond CMYK palette of gold, silver, white and clear. These embellishments allow print providers to differentiate and offer their clients eye-popping designs and enhancements.



Two New Versants

Xerox is expanding its Versant family of presses with two new machines that support wider media options and add automation features that reduce staffing needs and set-up time.



The Xerox Versant® 280 Press, a mid-production press, provides added value with thicker stock media options (400 GSM) for applications such as business cards. With the All Stocks at Rated Speed (ASRS) option, the Versant 280 is faster than any competitor in printing heavy stocks. Customers can print a million specialty colors using an Adaptive CMYK+ kit that leverages white, gold, silver, clear and fluorescents, unique to Xerox in this class of products.

The Xerox Versant 4100 Press, handles higher volumes and heavier production loads than the Versant 280, bringing more jobs in-house by reducing set-up time and printing on more media types than any competitor press. The 4100 also handles thicker paper stocks, up to 400 GSM. Automated stock management saves time and reduces human error. 



Technology-Driven Efficiencies

AI-enabled media manager software. PredictPrint Media Manager Software is included with the new Versant 4100 and can be added to Iridesse. By using artificial intelligence, the software automatically identifies the media being used and provides the correct press settings. Users simply scan a barcode, place the paper in a tray, and use the set-up wizard to walk through optimizing the system for that application. 


FreeFlow® Core 6.0 automates the process of preparing a file to print and now includes the application of Beyond CMYK enhancements. FreeFlow Core uses pre-built workflows to seamlessly apply embellishments such as gold, silver, white, clear and fluorescents without changing the source file.



  • Xerox Color Accelerator for Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press - Current Baltoro customers will be able to order Color Accelerator beginning in 2021. New Baltoro customers will be able to place orders for Color Accelerator starting December 15 with installs expected to begin in Q1 2021.


  • The Xerox Nuvera 157 MX Production System and Xerox Nuvera 314 MX Perfecting Production System - order taking and availability December 1, 2020.


  • The Xerox Versant 280 is available now.


  • The Xerox Versant 4100 with PredictPrint Media Manager Software is available now


  • Iridesse pink specialty dry ink option and the PredictPrint Media Manager Software option are available for order taking December 1, 2020 and availability beginning March 1, 2021.


  • The XLS Automatic Feeding Kit option for Iridesse is available immediately worldwide.



India, Jan. 27, 2021