Xfurbish - India's IT Refurbished eCommerce Start-Up Goes Global, Available In Nigeria And UAE - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Xfurbish - India's IT Refurbished eCommerce Start-Up Goes Global, Available In Nigeria And UAE

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India’s leading IT refurbished e commerce start up is actively looking for new partnerships that will propel further business growth


Xfurbish is India’s leading IT refurbished e-commerce start up platform launched in Jan 2020 to facilitate buying and selling of enterprise and personal IT products. Xfurbish in its endeavour to organise the e-waste market has set its foot firmly in India with offices at 27 geographical locations and  500+ vendors, more than 1.5 lakhs products and 3,000 happy and repetitive customers. The company has set up its international associates in UAE, Nigeria, to be followed soon  in USA, Srilanka, Bangladesh & Malaysia.

Current market reach of refurbished equipments is not effectively reaching Small Scale Industries, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Production Industries, etc., due to lack of visibility or exposure of the refurbished equipment. There is a void of trusted and organized source for refurbished IT products which is forcing the consumers to invest more in the new products. One way we are wasting available electronic units that can be reused and on the flip side, we are forcing to buy new products that will generate more amount of e-waste.

The Xfurbish program is helping create a value chain for the ever in demand electronics components.The company also through its various initiatives helps in creating awareness on e-waste ,an opportunity for individuals, companies, and organizations to creating the right revenue for e-waste instead of recycling. The platform gives the ecosystem the Xfurbish protection and encourage sellers through authorized partner program.

Every electronic unit adheres  industry  standards, with stringent testing norms and hence certifying that the product can be used further. Similarly, before listing any sellers into Xfurbish, the Quality Team does and audit, establish credibility and certify them in to Xfurbish Program. The team has evolved a successful model as the Xfurbish team has integrated additional care packs or protection for buyers, to boost consumers confidence.

Xfurbish is being funded by its parent company, Sureworks Infotech Pvt Ltd. and is utilizing their network and resources. Sureworks has more than a decade old leading IT solutions provider in Bangalore, one of the pioneers in Enterprises Support across India.