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BlueStacks Crossed 1BN Downloads, 5hrs Daily Game Play

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Introduces Fastest Ever Version With ARM Support

BlueStacks 5 Beta uses 40% less memory than BlueStacks 4. Has advanced features like App containers, FPS lock, Long-flight, and Eco mode.



BlueStacks Inc., the pioneer of Android gaming on PC and the world’s leading mobile gaming platform, today launched its biggest update ever – BlueStacks 5 (Beta), a powerhouse of speed and performance. It is a complete rewrite of the product, internally code-named Robusta, built from the ground up to consume significantly less memory and support ARM.

Unprecedented growth in gamers

The year 2020 made a big impact on the gaming industry and changed the way people spend their free time. 2021 is likely to see nearly 2.8 Bn worldwide gamers, according to a Newzoo report. With developers coming out with bigger and heavier games, more mobile gamers will play in interruption-free environments and migrate to PC-based platforms such as BlueStacks.

Uninterrupted play over longer gaming sessions - Avg  5 hours per day

A typical BlueStacks user spends an average of 5 hours playing mobile games every day. But mobile games were not designed for such long play times. The FPS lock and Long-flight features enable a smooth continuous gameplay, making the new BlueStacks 5 (Beta) a great platform for marathon gaming sessions. With significantly faster boot, install, and launch times, core gamers can now look forward to amazing gameplay experiences for performance-hungry RPGs, strategy, and other games.

Further, as many gamers tend to switch between Discord, browsing, and gaming, the Eco-mode feature lets them multi-task more efficiently than ever before. With the vastly upgraded Multi-instance manager and Eco mode, gamers can run more BlueStacks instances faster and with the least lag. Add to that significantly refined game controls, and interface improvements, gamers can enjoy a seamless gaming experience unlike any other.

Faster-Lighter-Smoother - Gamers shall have the final say


BlueStack 5 is lighter and super fast. Gameplay is much smoother. Eco-mode is a legendary step. Discord switching is super easy now. Highly recommend gamers to switch to this version,” said Red Arcade, a pro gamer and popular YouTube streamer.

BlueStacks 5 (beta) promises a 40% reduction in RAM usage over the previous version, making it the lightest and fastest mobile gaming platform ever built. Gamers just have to try it to feel the difference.


Mumbai, Feb 15, 2021