Mitsubishi Electric Emphasizes On Upgrading Air Quality With Air Conditioner + Lossnay Ventilator - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Mitsubishi Electric Emphasizes On Upgrading Air Quality With Air Conditioner + Lossnay Ventilator

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Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use. The company has introduced a new concept about maintaining indoor air quality called ‘It’s Time to Upgrade Your Air’ under the Air Conditioners digital awareness campaign – Creating your Comfort.  In the Post-COVID scenario, the “new normal” has evolved where working from home is getting normalized and the minimum acceptable standard of air-quality has changed. Mitsubishi Electric has redefined comfort with fast, clean, and eco-friendly air conditioners by combining it with a Lossnay ventilation system for better indoor air quality.



Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 era, staying at home with little or no contact with nature may become unhealthy when there’s no proper ventilation system to supply clean air. Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay Ventilator is a complete heat exchange ventilation system that uses paper characteristics to perform temperature and humidity exchange. It helps to maintain appropriate humidity and temperature for people to stay comfortable.





Lossnay only draws fresh air from the outside – it does not take air from the attic, the build-up of dust, dirt, and other contaminants such as mold, insect, and rodent droppings makes air in attic area much harder to filter before it is distributed  to your home. Therefore, Lossnay System specifically utilizes direct fresh air after proper filtration.



This cutting-edge technology will help the consumers to get fresh air to stay healthy at home. Backed up by an energy-efficient air conditioning system, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners will provide consumers a chance to enjoy new normal in the safety of their houses. 



Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems

                          Air Conditioner                             +                   Lossnay Ventilator

Dual Barrier Coating to prevent rust and greasy dirt inside air-conditioners.

Fresh Air with balanced pressure ventilation system

Micro-Particle Catching Filter to trap PM 2.5 particles

Energy recovery ventilation without opening windows.

Fast Cooling technology for comfortable environment.

Interlocking with Air conditioner to enjoy comfortable indoors.

Long Air Flow (up to 12 meters) for instant cooling in larger rooms

Bypass Ventilation external Control setting for fast energy savings.



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New Delhi NCR, 19th February 2021