Bella Vita Organic - A Perfect Fusion Of 4 Leading Skincare & Wellness Brands In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Bella Vita Organic - A Perfect Fusion Of 4 Leading Skincare & Wellness Brands In India

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Bella Vita Organic is a natural, and ayurvedic beauty product brand with its foundations in the purity of natural ingredients and efficacy of formulations. 


I’ve been following Bella Vita Organic for almost 2 years now and have been noticing their every move, strategy, and portfolio.


In my recent chat with one of their senior members, I heard them make a comment which just stuck to my memory and I have been obsessing over it ever since.


Off I started with my research and voila! I have deciphered what the guys at Bella Vita Organic have been up to.

So for all you skincare connoisseurs who love to try amazing skincare and natural beauty products, this article is a must-read.

As per my understanding, Bella Vita Organic has picked up the best from each of the following brands and created its own niche as an Indian brand in ayurvedic and natural beauty products.

Product Quality Matching Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is a market leader in natural skincare products that make amazing quality creams, gels, oils, and lotions. Bella Vita Organic has surely taken inspiration from their products and has created similar textures, aromas, packaging quantity, and concern relevant products.

Clean & Beautiful Packaging Inspired By Forest Essentials

Guys at Bella Vita Organic had recently enhanced their packaging and OMG it's brilliantly neat, minimal, classy, and practical at the same time. They use recycled plastic that happens to be more sustainable as compared to other options.


Wellness Products Portfolio Similar To Himalaya Wellness

It's evident that the team at Bella Vita Organic is leaving no stone unturned. They are venturing into various domains and are ensuring a plethora of natural skincare and wellness products for everyone from pregnant mothers, to acne problemed teens while not losing focus on men grooming and everyday wellness products.
Their new range of luxury perfumes has won my heart already.

Affordable Pricing Similar To Biotique

Being a digital-first luxury yet affordable natural skincare brand in India, Bella Vita Organic has ensured that they keep their product quantities generous and the pricing affordable. It's a big help for the Middle class and part-time students like myself who aspire to buy expensive products just because of their quality but often can't afford them. Bella Vita Organic has given me just that. High quality yet affordable skincare, natural wellness, and beauty products under the umbrella of Indian Ayurveda.

For all of you who have read this article, you can check out their collection at