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GoPro’s Launched New App ‘Quik’ That Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Photos And Videos

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-        No Matter What Phone Or Camera You’re Using


-       Quik Rescues Your Favorite Shots from the ‘Black Hole’ of Your Phone’s Camera Roll


-       Quik’s ‘Mural’ Feature Serves as a Private Feed for Your Favorite Shots


-       Auto-Generated Videos + Powerful Editing Tools Empower Casual Users and Pros


-       499 Annual Subscription to Include Unlimited Cloud Backup at Original Image Quality




Today, GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) launched a total refresh of its mobile app and gave it a new name to reflect its purpose. Aptly named Quik, the app makes it quick and easy to get the most out of your favorite photos and videos no matter what phone or camera you’re using. 



At its core, Quik solves the “black hole” problem of your phone’s camera roll and ensures you’ll never lose track of your favorite photos and videos again. The next time you capture that special “keeper” photo or video, you can conveniently share it to the Quik app where it will be added to your own private “Mural” feed within the app. You can also share images that already exist in your phone’s camera roll, text threads or wherever your favorite images may be. If you share multiple photos or videos at once to Quik, they’ll be grouped together as an event and the app will produce a compilation highlight video beat-synced to music—which you can adjust to your liking, if desired.

Quik also features a suite of powerful yet simple editing tools if you prefer to edit your photos and videos yourself.



“Quik makes it simple and fun to finally make sense of the vast number of photos and videos we all have on our phones,” said GoPro founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman. “You don’t even have to open the Quik app to organize your images, simply share your favorite shots directly to Quik from your camera roll, text threads or wherever your best shots may be. We named it Quik because that’s what it is!”



“Helping people get the most out of their personal content represents an enormous long-term opportunity for our business and brand,” added Woodman.



Quik is available for iOS and Android and supports photos and videos from any modern phone or camera, including GoPros and DSLRs. 



Quik features and benefits include:


  • Unlimited Importing of Your Favorite Photos and Videos: Import photos and videos from any phone or camera, including GoPros and DSLRs. Never lose track of your best shots, Quik makes it easy to enjoy them all in one app
  • Unlimited Cloud Backup (Available Later This Year): Every photo and video you post to your Quik mural feed will be backed up at its original quality
  • Automatic Video Creation: Create impressive music-synced videos by simply selecting the photos and videos you want to include along with a song from the included library or your own
  • New GoPro Original Music: Choose from a growing list of royalty-free tracks curated in-house at GoPro or add your own music to your videos—all of which will automatically beat-sync to your videos
  • Powerful Editing Tools: Adjust exposure, contrast, color, vibrancy; get creative with intuitive single and multi-clip video editing; add text, stickers and more
  • New Video Speed Tool: Speed ramp your videos faster or slower and add super slo-mo and freeze frame segments at multiple points within in a single video clip
  • GoPro-Exclusive Filters: Use dozens of filters, including many optimized for natural environment “looks,” including snow, desert, water and more
  • Premium Themes: Choose from a growing list of sophisticated video edit themes, making it easy to give your videos a particular style or energy
  • Frame Grabbing: Extract photo still images from your videos
  • Easy Social Sharing: Post directly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more, or share via text or email



Quik is free to download and use on a trial basis. Customers who want to unlock the app’s full capabilities can subscribe for just 499/year or ₹99/month. This will include unlimited cloud backup of your imported photos and videos at their original quality when the backup feature is released later this year.



To celebrate Quik’s launch, GoPro is kicking off the Make It #Quik Awards Challenge to award the best Quik edits. To participate, submit your best edit made with the Quik app to



Quik replaces the GoPro app in iOS and Android app stores today. Existing GoPro app users will see their app update upon install. For GoPro camera users, Quik features all of the capabilities of the previous GoPro app, plus so much more. Existing users’ photos and videos will transfer from the old GoPro app to the new Quik app upon install and any cloud-based footage will remain accessible. Learn more about Quik on




India., March 17, 2021