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NetApp Excellerator Introduces 8th Cohort, Bringing Total Startup Tally to 50

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  • NetApp extends the program to 50 startups directly through the startup accelerator program

  • This is the second collective of NetApp ExcellerateHER with three women-led startups





NetApp® (NASDAQ: NTAP), a global cloud-led, data-centric software company, today announced the eight startups selected for the eighth cohort of its flagship startup accelerator program, the NetApp Excellerator. The startups include Data Sutram FireCompass Metabob, Maxbyte,  Nife, Snapblocs,  State of Mind, and Tongadive. These startups leverage AI, cloud computing, and data to deliver creative solutions in areas like location intelligence, smart manufacturing, employee experience, and healthcare.



Like the last cohort, and in keeping with the times, this cohort is being launched virtually, which allows for more participation from international startups. Five of the eight companies joining the eighth cohort are international startups. Metabob and Snapblocs are based in the US; Nife and FireCompass are based in Singapore; and Tongadive is based in the UK.




“Working with the mentors at NetApp prepares the startups for the challenges ahead. With our global reach, technology expertise, and industry connections, we look forward to continuing to nurture India’s startup ecosystem”, said Madhurima Agarwal, Director Engineering Programs, and Leader, NetApp Excellerator Program.

“I am also elated to welcome the three startups FireCompass, Tongadive, and Nife that make up our newest additions to the NetApp ExcellerateHER program. These companies are led by women founders with deep tech expertise. The four-month-long program will present opportunities for them to network and receive invaluable support in their entrepreneurial journey”, Agarwal added.



Since its inception in 2017, the award-winning NetApp Excellerator program has so far mentored 42 startups. With the induction of this cohort, the total number of startups that have participated in the Excellerator program reaches 50.






  • The NetApp Excellerator program’s eighth cohort startups at a glance:

  • S.No.

    Name of Startup



    Data Sutram

    Data Sutram is an AI-based Location Intelligence Enterprise that helps businesses leverage location-based insight.



    FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and Attack Surface Management (ASM) that automatically discovers an organisation’s digital attack surface and launches multistage safe attacks, mimicking a real attacker, to help identify breach and attack paths.



    Metabob is the only code visualisation tool that reviews
    Python code for hidden errors and performance sinks. Its machine learning algorithm helps automatically detect areas where bugs may hide and lets you instantly visualise your code's connections across modules and files.



    Maxbyte is a smart manufacturing solutions provider with products and services that enable digital engineering, operations, and services to improve productivity and quality, reduce costs, and create a more sustainable environment.



    Nife is an application distribution platform that allows developers to seamlessly deploy applications near to end-users directly through the Nife platform or any cloud service provider. NIFE executes these applications close to end users through a mix of globally connected servers—autoscaling and optimising cost and performance as needed.



    Snapblocs reduces the time, skills and effort required to design, build, and deploy advanced enterprise data engineering solutions. Snapblocs SaaS-based Data Platform Studio offers a catalogue of blueprint data stacks that makes it easy to deploy ready-to-go data platforms into a customer’s target environment.


    State of Mind

    State of Mind is an employee experience capturing application that measures sentiments at more than 100 functional and emotional moments across the employee journey, creating analytics that equip managers and HR to gain visibility into the evolving needs of employees.



    Tongadive is using cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and Blockchain, to build innovative software products to simplify the supply chain through digital orchestration, making the product journey more secure, transparent, and trustworthy.












 BENGALURU, INDIA – April 28, 2021