Pandemic Creates Huge Cybersecurity Talent Crunch, Over 3.1 Million Positions Vacant Around The Globe - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Pandemic Creates Huge Cybersecurity Talent Crunch, Over 3.1 Million Positions Vacant Around The Globe

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When companies were forced to accelerate their digital transformation by introducing work from home measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity became even more critical. The sudden transition to remote working made workflows more complex, and exposed companies to more online threats and vulnerability.




Professional recruitment services firm Michael Page India recently launched the ‘The Humans of Cybersecurity’ report highlighting insights on innovations and hiring trends across Asia Pacific with the spotlight on the high-growth area of cybersecurity within technology.




As a result of the impact of the global pandemic, the report highlights that cybercrime was up 600% in Asia Pacific. While countries went through lockdown and quarantine measures, people at home started spending far more time online than before which created a new set of opportunities for cybercriminals. 19 million ransomware and phishing attacks were identified in Asia from Feb to May 2020, with many being Coronavirus-themed.




While it is evident that cybersecurity is a growing challenge for businesses around the world, of greater concern is the fact that most businesses — about 95% — do not have adequate cybersecurity practices in place, making them especially vulnerable to attacks.




Investing in the right tools is definitely a start, but one of the best ways to plug these security gaps is to hire the right cybersecurity talent. The cybersecurity field is currently experiencing a 43% talent shortage with skills such as Application Development Security, Cloud Security Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, Data Privacy and Security being most in demand.




India as a country has the highest number of cyberattacks in the world. Last year itself we saw many breaches leading to industries such as banking, financial services and telecommunications investing in security. There was also new demand from sectors like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, retail, R&D and IP based organisations as well. Many companies do not have resources to deal with this threat currently so they are upgrading to build in house capabilities, outsourcing information security to experts or reaching out to cybersecurity firms as a service provider. 



74% of organisations see cybersecurity enhancement as a top priority this year.  Asia Pacific’s cybersecurity market which was valued at US$30.45 billion in 2019, is now expected to register a CAGR of 18.3% for the period of 2020-2025. Due to breakneck automation and digital transformation across sectors and the ensuing requirement of backend support, Cybersecurity will continue to be a lucrative field for talent to explore for career opportunities.



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