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YoloBus - An Intercity Bus Operator Service!

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-   Founded in 2019, YoloBus has revolutionized India’s intercity travel market with its new-age superior customer services. Today, YoloBus is a leading bus service provider in the country with its strong network of partners and operators who are delivering safe, punctual, and hygienic experiences for bus travelers. YoloBus's crew and customers are empowered with a seamless app that enables 100% contactless travel. YoloBus is transforming the concept of reliability in bus travel into reality by focusing on efficient operations and new-age technology. 


 - YoloBus is creating employment opportunities for the local youth in the state. In the last one month, it has employed 500 personnel including drivers, captains, mechanics, etc. The company’s operations in the state have boosted entrepreneurship by partnering with more than 200 bus operators and travel agents. The benefits of this regional teamwork are visible at different levels across state, unions & local authorities as well. 


-  The last few months have brought about 40% repeat travelers for YoloBus in Punjab. Also, 40% of their overall travelers within the state are women. These figures clearly highlight the level of trust being placed in the company by its customers. The brand expanded its fleet strength from 60 to 100 in the Punjab region and are planning to replicate the same model Delhi NCR & Rajasthan.



·   YoloBus expansion plans and growth prospect by venturing in new routes 


·   How technology advancement has been introduced in the mobility sector for the benefit of users 


·  How commuting through bus becomes more reliable, safer and feasible in the current era 


·  Services and amenities for women, child and senior citizen safety and security