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5 Features That Makes Hike Messenger App Different From Other Messengers

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Hike Messenger is a social content platform that is focused on privacy, expression and bite-sized content. India’s first home-grown messaging platform, Hike, offers several interesting features that can improve your chatting experience on mobile. Some cool features on Hike are:





Hike ID - Hike ID is a unique identity that removes the need for sharing your phone number, so your privacy is guarded. Get complete privacy, more convenience with your unique, custom username with Hike ID. Search easily for someone with their Hike ID, without needing to go through the cumbersome process of saving a friend’s number before being able to send him/her a message.




Groups Upto 1000 Members With More Admin Controls




Group size exceeded? There’s no such thing on Hike Groups. Add up to a 1000 member in a single group on Hike. With advanced Group Admin settings, you can choose whether it’s a Public or a Private group and even control if members can send messages, stickers or nudges. More power to you!





Hidden Mode - Worried someone might read your chats? Hide the chats that you want to keep private with the Hidden Mode. Once hidden, they can be accessed only with a password, and no one will ever know they exist unless you tell them.




Explore- Hike News - With 60 words news on the go, Hike News is the best way to stay updated with the latest happenings around India and the world. In true Hike Indian style, Hike News comes in 8 Indian languages apart from English - Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada.







Showbiz - Want to know what’s on in B-Town? Head to Showbiz on Hike to catch up on all the latest masala in our very own Bollywood. With byte-sized gossip, Showbiz keeps you up to date with the latest happenings.





Jokes - Need a joke to make your bestie smile? Or some witty memes to share a hearty laugh with your friends? Or simply LOL with endless Jokes. Just tap into Explore and go on to Jokes, to enjoy the latest memes and jokes compiled for you by the Hike team.



Cricket - Enjoy cricket score updates on the go! Never miss the latest scores even while you’re on the go and can’t catch the match. You’ll get the scores right on Explore. 









Choose from over 20,000+ stickers in over 40+ local languages from Hike’s sticker store. Stickers that reflect emotions, your love for cricket, your local lingo, your favourite festival and your favorite stars - name it and the sticker store has it! So, your conversations are a little hatke.





Animated Stickers







Feeling zingier than usual? Choose from several animated sticker packs to bring your conversation alive.