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best live streaming apps for android & ios


While the global pandemic has been a major setback for many industries, it has proved to be a boon for the digital world. The pandemic has increased the leisure time for everyone and mobile phones have been grabbing the most attention. Since we are locked in our homes, entertainment has become the need of an hour and live streaming apps are helping people to share, connect and build immediacy.

As the digital world finds more takers, social and live streaming apps/platforms in 2021 promises immediate gratification and an immersive way for people to share, view, and create content. If you have been hunting for any such app, we have collated four entertainment apps that you can use on Android and IOS.


Netflix – Streaming Service

Netflix is a streaming service that comes with quite a collection of popular shows, greatest movies of all time and also, Netflix’s original shows. Search movies from titles and the collection are constantly expanding as new episodes are added as they get aired. It works on all the platforms so you can watch it on any of the devices. Start watching it on a device and resume watching on another. You get a one-month trial to explore the services. You can rate the shows and movies that you like or dislike, this, in turn, will help Netflix to suggest better titles for you.


It is available on Android and IOS.



Google Play Books – Read All the Books you love

Reading a book is always fun! However, listening to a voice telling you a story while you are relaxing, also sounds awesome. Listen to an extensive collection of audiobooks that come with audiobooks. As it works on various platforms, you can catch up wherever or whenever you want to access it. It also has a collection of eBooks, comics, textbooks. You don’t need any subscription to access the collection. You also get to set the Night Light setting to adjust screen colors and brightness.


It is available on Android and IOS.




JL Stream is a social live streaming app

JL stands for Jaldi Live - a social LIVE streaming mobile app that gives users an opportunity to stream their talent, get discovered, chat, connect with people, make friends & earn. J L Stream offers a seamless interactive live streaming UGC platform where users can broadcast at the click of a button. On J L Stream, users can stream anywhere any time, showcase their talents, give shout-outs to their audience & earn money with instant cash out. The app has a unique feature called K.I.S.S. that stands for ‘Keep It Simple Streamer’ & gives an option to the users to share a short video of their talent along with their introduction to help get discovered faster.


It is available on Android and IOS.





SMSing has become pass√© since long, yet messaging apps continue to dominate the market. One such messaging app is Houseparty, which allows for group video messaging and video chats which enable 8 users to hop on at the same time. Users can also have fun during the chat with video-filters, stickers and fun effects. Houseparty has also expanded by introducing an in-chat gaming feature that enables users to play games with their friends. The user base of this app is over 25 years of age but can be played by people of all age groups. The app is said to offer ad-space and marketers may actually resort to it and use it in creative ways. Companies, big and small, can sponsor a “houseparty” where influencers would answer questions based on the said brand and show attendees what the brand can really do for them. 


It is available on Android and IOS.