Brillio - We Care Framework For COVID19 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS



As India battles the second wave of this cataclysmic pandemic, we have been left vulnerable and worried for the well-being of our immediate communities, a key part of which are fellow Brillians. These are testing times for us all, and we will overcome them together. Building a safe space for our employees is our topmost priority now & we have created a system where they can not only rely on their fellow team members during difficult times but can directly reach out to any of the leadership team at any given point in time. 




To extend our hand in providing support, Brillio’s culture is strongly driven by our We Care philosophy. Built on that, we have implemented the We Care framework for COVID19. Through this initiative, we aim to provide the best possible support for our employees. Facilities such as 24*7 medical emergency support in partnership with International SOS, access to MediBuddy, to help employees with medical insurance, and telemedical services. Home care services from reputed medical establishments are being arranged and we have outlined a budget to support our employees. However, in case the employees prefer alternate services, Brillio aims to support home care expenses for them. 




This year, we are also assisting vaccination facilities through reputed network hospitals in 30+ cities across India for all employees and their families. During tough times where survival has been the topmost priority, we believe financial worries should be the least of all. Having human connections and a sense of belonging to a community is the key to basic hacks to fight COVID 19. Our leadership and volunteering team have come together to support members in need financially. Initiatives such as donating leaves and a part of their salary in good faith to NGOs for covid-19 assistance. Leaders assisting family members of colleagues through their contacts and network to find beds or oxygen cylinders or any kind COVID related help. 




As updated and relevant sources of information are critical to fighting the virus daily, we have created a COVID-19 We Care Community internally to crowdsource and track the latest updates relating to the city/area. It could be an update on medicines, labs/ testing centers, oxygen equipment, home support, etc. We are taking a step ahead and ensuring that our employees are getting all the support from our network & partnerships. However, if the employees are still facing challenges, we are personally connecting with them to provide them all the support they need.

Mental health challenges have also become far more commonplace in the wake of this disaster, and they can have a significant impact on employee productivity and engagement. For Brillians, who need medical and counseling assistance, we support with access to the right resources such as reputed and authorized telemedicine providers and counseling support services. Being connected to the community along with helping employees strike a work-life balance are key for us. Various initiatives such as virtual workouts, movie clubs, virtual team happy hours, and virtual stand-up comedy sessions, webinars/seminars on mental well-being have been conducted and continue to keep employees engaged and lighten their mood. 


At Brillio we are committed to prioritizing our employee’s mental and physical health and overall wellbeing while ensuring business continuity for a safer future.