Ericsson Donates US $971,567 To UNICEF In The Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Ericsson Donates US $971,567 To UNICEF In The Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic In India

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  • Ericsson and employees donate nearly USD 1 million as part of a global company and employee matching donation drive.
  • Donation will be used for COVID-19 testing machines, oxygen generation plants for medical use and other critical supplies.


To help address urgent healthcare needs in India brought about by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today announced its support to UNICEF’s COVID-19 humanitarian response in the country.



As part of their support, Ericsson made an upfront donation to UNICEF and launched a month-long company matching employee donation drive globally in May, which resulted in a total donation amount of USD 971,567 to UNICEF. Ericsson employees from more than 95 countries donated  towards this UNICEF initiative for India.



Ericsson’s donation will go towards providing critical medical supplies and equipment in India. This includes, increasing the number of RT-PCR testing machines to boost identification of new COVID-19 cases and providing oxygen generation plants as well as procuring other critical supplies for health facilities in areas with the greatest needs in the country. These supplies and equipment will ensure continuity and sustained access to immediate health services for children and their families and contribute to strengthening the health system in the future.



UNICEF India is well placed to support preparedness and response to COVID-19, through its well -established presence across 13 field offices in India, where it works  to provide assistance and technical expertise in the  areas of Health, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Education and Child Protection.



Ericsson, through its local Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility partners, began supporting initiatives in 2020 such as collecting COVID-19 test samples for testing at designated government labs in Chennai and Pune, India and donating Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to hospitals and sanitation workers. These efforts continue to be supported by the company.

New Delhi, 3 June 2021