Godrej Washing Machines For 99.99% Covid-19 Virus Free Clothes – First Of Its Kind In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Godrej Washing Machines For 99.99% Covid-19 Virus Free Clothes – First Of Its Kind In India

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~As per the test report by an independent lab empanelled with CSIR, Godrej Washing machines can neutralize Covid – 19 along with other allergens and bacteria in just 15 to 20 minutes.




Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group’s business, Godrej Appliances, a 63-year young Indian consumer durables manufacturer, has always strived to offer relevant technologies suited to Indian consumer needs.




During this pandemic, the brand again rises to the occasion to offer India’s first range of Washing Machines providing more than 99.99% disinfection against Covid-19 Virus. These Godrej Washing Machines can neutralize more than 99.99% Covid-19 Virus in just 15-20 minutes. The test was conducted at an independent lab empanelled with CSIR and displayed more than 99.99% inactivation of the Covid virus. These machines place health and hygiene at the core of its human-centric design, easing consumers’ concerns during pandemic times.







The ongoing pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in Indian consumer behavior when it comes to the priority accorded to safety and hygiene. Consumers are investing time and effort to protect themselves from the Covid-19 virus. Washing needs have increased as consumers are forced to wash clothes more often – each time they step back home. With the increasing number of Covid cases in many parts of the country, consumers are paying more attention to preventive measures and rightly so. 



This unique feature of more than 99.99% Covid disinfection is being offered by Godrej across segments – from semi-automatic (Edge Digi) to Top Loading (Eon Allure Germshield, Eon Audra Germshield and Eon Allure Classic) to Front Load (Eon Allergy Protect) Machines.



All these models have an in-built heater mode with up to 60-degree Celsius Hot Wash coupled with a smart algorithm which together deliver strong germ protection.



Mumbai, 10 June 2021