inDriver Touches A Billion Rides Milestone - GADGET-INNOVATIONS




Key Points:


· inDriver has completed its 1 billionth ride

·  The company expects more rapid growth as inDriver builds out its network of in-app transportation options, as more riders use bikes, auto rickshaws and public transit in addition to cars


With 1 billion rides, inDriver reaches a milestone that represents its continued growth. Over 70 million users across 450 cities in 34 countries around the world can open the inDriver app and hit the road.



inDriver sees its future as a more multimodal, sustainable transportation company that supports bikes, auto rickshaws and cars, cars being its core business. The company believes that each of their rides is a story. A billion stories of people who arrived safely and on time, with everything going the way they wanted it to.

Each of their rides covers several kilometers. So, billion rides like that, means, the company has helped people travel a billion kilometers. Here is inDriver’s ladder to 1 billion rides:


     900 million users – This is the current number of users using inDriver services globally

●     34 - This is the current number of countries in which our app is used.

●     7 - This is the current no of cities we are present in India

●     450 - This is the current number of worldwide cities in which we operate.

●     1200 - This is the total number of employees who work with us right now.

●     9 - This is the total number of worldwide offices which we have right now.

●    2 - This is our current world ranking, as of March 2021, in the category of the most downloaded ride-hailing app.

●     1 Biillion - This is the total number of people who use inDriver today.



The growth doesn’t stop here. The counter keeps on ticking, and the company’s got other important and significant achievements ahead of them.


You can download inDriver app to your mobile device for free from the Play Store and App Store