Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan - Victorian Beauty, Health & Wellness And, Luxury Brands Stepping Into The Indian Market - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan - Victorian Beauty, Health & Wellness And, Luxury Brands Stepping Into The Indian Market

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Homegrown brands in Melbourne, Australia have come together to create products and solutions that stem from nature and enable people to look towards their own health and well-being, while redefining the concept of beauty, through ethically produced and scientifically created options.



This falls in line with the growing movement among Indian consumers to look towards holistic, organic products that are created with natural essentials and essences and can blend seamlessly into their skincare regimens.



Here we have a note from these brands, sharing their renowned products and the value addition that they are bringing to the Indian market.


Beauty & Skincare Brands From Melbourne, Victoria Disrupting The Indian Beauty Market

·  Natio : Natio creates its products using a combination of plant extracts and aromatic pure essential oils that please the skin, soul and senses. Their colour cosmetics are inspired by the beauty of colours found in the vast Australian landscapes, and are 100% cruelty free.  Natio’s range of products includes skincare, makeup, fragrances and mists for men and women. Being a vocal and conscious brand, Natio advocates ethically produced, locally sourced, cruelty free products that deliver exceptional value. Having been in the industry for over four decades, Natio has created a benchmark for simplifying and making premium skincare accessible to everyone, while empowering positive social impact. 


Bestselling product – Gentle foaming facial cleanser


·  Goat: The premium range of hair and skincare by Goat is enriched with the goodness of goat milk, thus making it a simple yet natural process towards fortifying and elevating one’s skincare regime. The Goat range of products are created with the highest quality ingredients, blended with essential oils, argan, coconut, manuka honey and oatmilk, which create unique, nourishing skincare that inspires generations. The company promotes its products with the commitment towards being ethical, cruelty free, eliminating parabens and toxins, building on sustainable ingredients, and using natural, local resources.  Goat embodies the true homegrown spirit of Australian skincare by being a brand that offers products for the whole family. Their diverse range of products includes soaps, moisturising washes, lotions, shampoos and conditioners, and scrubs.


Bestselling product - Goat Moisturizing Wash - Argan oil







·  Botany Essentials: Botany Essentials range of spa-inspired skincare includes potent plant actives, where each ingredient is responsibly sourced and carefully selected to serve a function that contributes to optimal skincare. The perfect amalgamation between tradition and modernity, their aromatherapy products are professionally formulated with the essences of leaves, spices, plants, flowers, and herbs. Botany Essentials believes in giving people the care and comfort of nature with the luxury of world-class treatment. The company manufactures more than 600 products across its range of skin and personal care products, cosmetics, serums, essential oils, aromatherapy, and baby care, and has been exporting worldwide for over 24 years.


Bestselling product - Botany Naturals Refining Serum - willow bark, marshmallow & roseip