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CRAZYLABS - A New Gaming Accelerator In India

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After acquisition of Mumbai-based studio Firescore Interactive CrazyLabs to launch a 2nd physical hyper-casual gaming accelerator in Hyderabad India with Street Lamp Games

After recently announcing that CrazyLabs agreed to acquire Firescore Interactive, and with the success of CrazyHubs, the hyper-casual gaming accelerators CrazyLabs that operates around the world, today announced that it will launch a 2nd hub in India. This comes further to CrazyLabs’ intent to expand in India and grow its game ldevelopment business as well as its CrazyHubs activity.




While the 1st cycle of the Mumbai hub, launched in July 2021, is still running, CrazyLabs has already opened registration for a new hyper-casual gaming accelerator in Hyderabad. CrazyLabs confirmed that India is a strategic market and an invaluable resource for game development talent and creative skills, and so the new hub is merely the beginning.




Game development studios, indie game developers and gaming schools graduates are invited to join the physical hub for a full training program about hyper-casual mobile games. The new hub will launch in cooperation with Street Lamp Games, an Indie Game Studio known for crafting innovative and engaging games for mobile and PC users.




The new hub comes further to recent hubs launched in Turkey, Serbia, Israel and South Africa. This is an ongoing strategy for CrazyLabs, a top 3 mobile games developer and publisher, focused on growing their partners and building more self-sustained game development studios that can create hyper-casual hits on an ongoing basis.


Much like CrazyHubs around the world, the new hub in Hyderabad will offer hub members a fun and inspiring work environment, a dedicated office space, professional training in the field of hyper-casual as well as hands-on guidance from senior executives, and mentorship sessions from industry experts. All graduates will receive a completion certificate - The CrazyHubs Diploma. All members will receive a monthly payment for the duration of the program and a profit share plan for games developed within the program time period.




Applicants are required to have a desire to get into hyper-casual mobile game development. Teams who apply must include at least 1 Unity developer, and are requested to share their portfolio and submit a home assignment (for non-commercial purposes). All participants must be based in India, and willing and able to join the program for 4 full months, with an option for extension of additional 2 months.

CrazyLabs will contact all applicants in the coming weeks. An admission webinar will be coordinated with the relevant teams to discuss the hub and the home assignment during Sep-Oct 2021. The hub is set to begin in November 2021.



Applicants based in India are invited to submit their team right here

India, August 19th 2021