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Ericsson Boosts Network Services Portfolio With Intelligent Deployment

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Ericsson has strengthened its Network Services portfolio with the Intelligent Deployment solution – an agile, digital and modular suite of tools and services that enables communications service providers to roll out, expand, and upgrade networks based on their specific needs and those of their customers



With technology advancing rapidly, networks are becoming more complex and diverse. This places an increasing demand for a network deployment best suited to the needs of service providers, with quick return on investments and future-proof.




With this in mind, Ericsson has redesigned network rollout for the 5G age with Intelligent Deployment. As the building block for optimum network life cycle management, it connects network design, installation, integration, acceptance, maintenance, and services evolution.



This solution comprises enablers such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and a data-driven cloud-based architecture that support different functionalities service providers can use such as Intelligent Site Engineering, Intelligent Integration, and Remote Access.

Intelligent Deployment will deliver the right network at the right time and use network data for continuous development and improvement. Data-driven and digitalized processes allow service providers to make network management decisions quicker and more effectively to meet market and user expectations. The integration of AI will ensure evolution of the network with the changing times.




The solution includes outcome-based (buying professional services), subscription-based (buying access to standalone capabilities or to the entire offering), or a mix of both as and when needed for the entire intelligent deployment process or specifically for network deployment services. This enables service providers to secure higher accuracy, transparency and cost efficiency from site survey to acceptance, more flexibility in terms of change management and a faster time to market.




Intelligent Deployment is built on trust and data integrity, affording service providers an end-to-end information process, guiding the workflow at every stage of their services. At the same time, ensuring security and safety of the data, providing user-friendly solutions, and adopting legal restrictions of the country where they operate.




In the UK, Vodafone is using Ericsson’s Intelligent Deployment solutions to speed up network upgrades. Drones and Lidar-based 3D technology are collecting high-definition imagery and data across 70 different sites to deliver a more digitalized and efficient network deployment.