Lomotif Lifts The Curtain On The Top FIVE Contestants Of Its Much-Awaited Global Talent Hunt ‘You've Been Scouted’ - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Lomotif Lifts The Curtain On The Top FIVE Contestants Of Its Much-Awaited Global Talent Hunt ‘You've Been Scouted’

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~ The contest had participants from 30 nations, including Australia, India, Canada, the US, UK, and France ~



~ All the rounds were open to votes from Lomotif users, and participants were judged on the basis of vocal technique, expression and quality of performance ~



~ Lomotif partnered with Grammy® Award-winning musician Teddy Riley to launch ‘You’ve Been Scouted.’ ~





The long wait for Lomotif’s worldwide talent hunt ‘You’ve Been Scouted’ has finally reached its most exciting level. Among the top 5 contestants who have been shortlisted by the community of users, three are from India — Aaditya Chaudhari, Yatin Kumar and Sneha Chand. The remaining two, Hakim Famoritiye and Marina Tsyura, are from Nigeria and Ukraine, respectively. The finalists will be battling it out for the grand prize and one global winner will be announced next Saturday, 25th September.




The talent hunt on the app had over 2 million views till last week. The worldwide winner will get a $250,000 record deal, which includes a song produced by Teddy Riley, a Grammy® Award-winning music producer, singer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, who has worked with iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, and BTS.




The nine-week-long competition, a Lomotif and Teddy Riley partnership, has tasted huge success with participation from 30 countries, including India, Russia, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. All rounds were scored based on user votes. Participants were judged on their vocal technique, expression and performance quality. Well, not to forget, the contest’s main reward, which will be announced next week, is of a colossal stature.

Palak Muchhal, the popular Indian playback singer, scouted participants from India for the global talent competition. She also provided guidance to the contestants as to how one can garner more likes/views/votes and enter the final stages of the competition.




If you want to see India win all the top three spots, do vote for your favourite contestant using the Lomotif App. Your love and support matters.



India, September 15, 2021