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Unisys Cloud 20/20™ Contest Becomes Unisys Innovation Program

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Registration Opens for India’s 13th Annual Technical Project Competition 


Students to collaborate with peers, faculty and Unisys mentors to bring innovative ideas to life to solve theoretical and real-world challenges

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that registration is open for the company's annual flagship technical project competition for engineering students across India, featuring a new name: the Unisys Innovation Program (UIP).

Established in 2009 under the name Cloud 20/20™, UIP enables engineering students to develop career-ready technical and soft skills by applying theoretical knowledge of the latest technologies to solve real-world problems. The contest is open to research students, postgraduates, pre-final and final-year engineering students in computer science, information technology and other related streams. 



It brings together stakeholders from across the tech innovation fields to provide rich experiential learning to students. Since its inception, more than 55,000 students have taken part, making it one of India's most anticipated technical contests. 

The program has several facets that appeal to different factions of the tech community, structured into two primary program tracks:

  • The Student Innovation Program challenges students to use emerging technologies for original and creative solutions to defined problems.


  • The Targeted Innovation Program tasks students with solving specific business problems provided by Unisys and its partners and clients in the industry.


These programs allow students to collaborate with peers, faculty and Unisys mentors, who provide guidance and expertise in the run-up to the competition. 

For the past 12 years, Cloud 20/20 has motivated students to work on innovative projects across cloud-based applications and microservices, cloud computing infrastructure, security and multimodal biometrics. 

BENGALURU, India and BLUE BELL, Pa., October 13, 2020