EZVIZ Launching EZVIZ-TY1 - An Easy-To-Use Smart Tech Home Security Camera Very Soon - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

EZVIZ Launching EZVIZ-TY1 - An Easy-To-Use Smart Tech Home Security Camera Very Soon

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  • The new EZVIZ TY1 Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera boasts a 360-degree field view, 1080p video recording, smart night vision and smart tracking
  • Supports multiple storage solutions including 256GB MicroSD storage and encrypted Cloud storage
  • Provides an extra layer of privacy protection by allowing users to enable the sleep mode whenever required



EZVIZ - the global leader in smart home security has released EZVIZ TY1, its best-selling product in India. EZVIZ TY1 2MP Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera is packed with a 360-degree field view, super-crisp 1080 video recording and smart tracking features, this new camera enables users to keep an eye on their property all through the day and night as well. The TY1 from EZVIZ is a versatile and compact gadget that delivers long-lasting and reliable protection while providing users the opportunity to effortlessly fulfill all their indoor home security needs.

The last few years have witnessed an accelerated adoption of innovative digital technologies like AI and IoT that have completely altered the way of life for many. People have realized the benefits of automation and how it can help enhance operations, reduces execution time, and eliminates human error. This has resulted in a spur in adoption of smart home security solutions, predominantly in the developing countries. Advanced security cameras have been popular amongst corporates for a long time. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has made security a major concern for residential spaces as well, resulting in security cameras gaining immense popularity amongst smart home beginners.

EZVIZ recognizes this trend and wants to be central to this growth of home smart security solutions. Hence, we have extended our product portfolio by developing a new, safe, and reliable indoor security camera EZVIZ TY1, that includes remarkable features such as motorized pan and tilt for 360° Visual Coverage which enables you to view the whole room with one camera, instead of needing multiple in different corners. A great 1080p resolution camera is also packed in, which captures exceptionally sharp and clear footage which is shared with the users as an instant alert. The new product also enhances night vision with smart IR, which reduces areas of overexposure in video display for clearer monitoring of up to 10 meters at night.



EZVIZ TY1 camera plays a role way beyond the basic – while in principle security cameras are used to protect homes, this versatile camera can also be used to help you check on your kids when you’re out running errands, monitor your house help and even keep an eye on your pets! 

The smart tracking feature in this camera automatically tracks the motion of a moving object and alerts the user with an image in real time. The two-way built-in microphone with a speaker further lets you stay connected with your family using the EZVIZ App, from anywhere in the world. 

The EZVIZ TY1 2MP Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera will be available offline via our official channel partners and distributors. Please visit our website to find out more information about the product: https://www.ezvizlife.com/in/en/product/ty1/29230

Mumbai, India, November 2, 2021