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Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 Smart Home Security Camera Review

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Home Security Cameras are becoming an essentiality now a days to keep an eye on your kids, your maids / servant, or on your pets, round the clock with professional monitoring backup, whether you are at home or away. Stay connected 24x7, as it ensures your complete security and safety to provide you the peace of mind.

Kent – the global tech giant has released Kent HomeCam CamEye 360 – the next-gen of Smart Home Security Camera for complete security of your home or your office. Kent the famous brand for RO/ Water Purifiers entered in te Security Camera category just two years back in the year 2019 and CamEye 360 is its latest innovation.

We got an opportunity to experience this next-gen smart home security camera. Lets start the review, on unboxing, we got 1-Camera Unit, 1-MicroUSB Fast Charging Cable, 1- Fast Charging 5v & 2.1Amp. Adaptor  and Warranty Card inside the box. We didn’t find user manual inside the box.

Kent HomeCamEye 360 is a smart home security camera with 360 degree panoramic view in 1080p HD video quality that works very fine in even in the low light and  dark conditions. It is the first and only Made In India, Wi-Fi camera available in the Indian market. It is a user friendly device and its easy to use.

Key features of HomeCam 360 :


a. FHD-1080P Camera:

It Records 1080P Full HD video @ 15fps with 2MP Camera Lens.


b. Night Vision:

HomeCam 360 includes Night Vision feature in it.


c. Motion Detection:

This Camera also supports Motion Detection as it as motion sensor in it.


d. 360Dergree PanView:

Camera works in all directions to capture the moments as it comes wit 360 degree panoramic view


e. Continuous Recording:

HomeCam can record continuously on its MicroSD Card / Flash Memory.



f. MicroSD Card Slot:

It uses MicroSD card slot as its storage media, to record/ capture and store video & images on it, that limits upto 128GB.





g. Event-Based Cloud Recording:

Kent HomeCam also has a feature to use Cloud Storage to store and save recorded videos and images.


h. Works Even Without Internet:

It can work even without internet, only your connected device needs active internet plan for connectivity.

i. Wifi 2.4Ghz:

HomeCam 360 Supports Wifi Speed upto 2.4Ghz for smooth functioning over internet.

j. 2-Way Calling:

HomeCam 360 provides you to 2-way calling to speak with anyone through this smart indoor Security Camera.


k. App Support:

It can be used by connected trough an app installed on your device that you want to connect to control this camera.

l. Works with Android as well as IOS:

Kent HomeCam 360 works on Android and IOS platforms.


m. Alexa Support:

It also works with alexa and it as support to live streaming on Alexa devices.

n. Intruder Alarm :

It can raise alarm on sensing motion or human detection, it also works as a burglar alarm to keep safe your home from thieves.








Build & Design :


Kent HomeCam 360 comes in a white color high grade plastic body with glossy finish and on its front side it features big round shaped camera eye that provides it a premium looks. It’s a small light weight handy device that weighs 273gms only. And dimensions of the camera are 132x7.8x7.2cms.  It comes with one SD Card Slot, box also includes on charging adaptor and a USB charging cable as well. The best thing is it’s a first wifi based smart camera that is manufactured in the country, India and it also uses the Servers & Cloud Storage within India.



It provides you different options to install it according to the place of your choice whether its Surface or Wall or a Ceiling. Product comes without mounting kit and it needs to be purchased separately to install the camera. It provides you different options to install it according to the place of your choice whether its Surface or Wall or a Ceiling.


Product comes without mounting kit and it needs to be purchased separately to install the camera. It provides you different options to install it as per your choice whether its Surface or Wall or a Ceiling. Product comes without mounting kit and it needs to be purchased separately to install the camera.




Multiple Features Included :


This next-gen smart home security camera can be controlled through an app that can be installed either from Android App Store or IOS as it supports both. HomeCame 360 camera includes multiple features in it.  Its 360degree Panoramic View feature covers complete security inside your home with its 360deg. horizontal rotation & 65deg.vertical tilt capability using app.




Its Night Vision Camera with invisible IR LED Sensor, can record crystal clear video and images upto 30feets of distance. It can produce seamless high quality live streaming for real-time view and its access can be shared with countless family members without limit.




Via its Two-Way Calling feature user can talk to family members at home with just a click and it also supports Alexa.




It can be installed almost anywhere and it does not require internet connection for recording video as it as SD card recording option so that you may never loose recording due to intermittent network connectivity.




The  HomeCam sends instant alerts through the app installed on your mobile whenever it detects a motion / human activity in the room. And this feature works the same even when the app is closed or in the background, it sends you all important security alerts on regular basis. HomeCam works on AI based motion detection and it raises alerts on motion detection. It also allows you to set activity zone to raise alerts.








You never miss a moment with its AI Based Motion Tracking. It rotates automatically and it follows a person or a pet moving in the room. It can raise Burglar Alarm to keep your home safe from thieves. It can easily differentiates between a human, a pet or other moving objects in the room such as curtains or moving fan.


You can use Automatic Privacy Mode so that your private moments remain private. It disables recording/ live streaming when you are at home. Live-streaming and recording can be stopped at pre-set time intervals.


For Recording it comes with a SD Card slot that supports upto 128GB for continuous recording and this recording can be played on your mobile using app without having any internet connection but your mobile and camera should be on te same Wi-Fi network.


CamEye 360 allows you to encrypt recorded videos on SD Card for additional security purpose.


It starts auto-recording whenever a motion or noise is detected in the room where camera is installed.


HomeCam 360 is the only home security camera that supports Two-way talk using Alexa devices.



Video Recording capacity on 128GB Card depends upon your mode of selection that you choose for recording.


1. 640x360 low resolution video can be stored upto 60 days.


2. 1280x720 pixels (HD) medium quality video can be recorded for 21 days.


3. 1980x1080 pixels (FHD) high-quality video can be captured only for 14 days.



The best feature is that it provides you the accessibility to play the recording anywhere in the world. And if you are using Cloud storage to save your recordings you need not worry to lose your data even if your Camera is stolen, you may access your data from your cloud storage. Remember Cloud Storage is on paid basis only.




Final Verdict :  Kent HomeCamEye 360 is an easy to use Smart Home Security Camera with useful multiple features and its available at affordable price. We recommend it if you’re looking for a latest smart featured Home security camera you can go for it as it’s a value for your money. So, You can add this Smart Security Camera to your Shopping list this festive season.



Kent HomeCam 360 is priced at Rs.4,990/-(MRP)  available at Offer Price of Rs.3,999/- only on, flipkart, Tata Cliq websites.