How MYn App Will Disrupt The Social Media Industry - Mr. Nanjunda Prasad Ramesh, CEO, Multi-Verse Technologies – Interview - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

How MYn App Will Disrupt The Social Media Industry - Mr. Nanjunda Prasad Ramesh, CEO, Multi-Verse Technologies – Interview

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Q.1. How did social media industry evolve & grow? 


The first-generation of social media was all about connecting with people you know, building social circles for communicating/catching up with each other. With time, people began to share updates about themselves, places they travelled, opinions etc., with their networks. This began the era of user-generated content. Now that people are familiar with user-generated content, they are looking to find content that is generated by people out of their network. Similarly, everyone wants their content to be discovered and consumed by people outside their network-Everyone is a creator today. We are now moving away from social networks and embarking on the era of true social media.




Q.2. What are the problems faced by social media users and how MYn is a sustainable alternative? 



The challenge with the social media platforms of today is that they are not built on viable business models. For any business to be viable, they need to generate revenue.



However, social media so far has been free for users. Hence, the platforms have resorted to selling user data to make money. However, with people spending greater amount of time online, the amount of data collected from an individual is humongous. Armed with this information, companies are able to influence users with targeted content/ads, which is essentially making users blind to options available in the open world since they see content that is customised to them.



Due to this constant influence, the user’s ability to think and choose is diminishing which is scary for the world at large. Hence, the core focus of MYn is around data privacy, ad-free experience, freedom of choice for users, content that is not moderated by algorithms thereby ushering a new era of social media.




Q.3. How MYn can reimagine the current social media landscape? 


Myn has set out to address all of the above mentioned challenges-The inherent challenges of the current social media landscape. How? MYn offers complete user privacy, does not share user information, does not have annoying ads or does not levy any commission, unlike other social media apps. It’s a one-of-a-kind app one can truly call their OWN! On MYn, users can browse content according to their interest.



They can choose from various categories like Fashion, Beauty, Sports, Comedy, Art etc., that is, consume only what’s relevant to them. The goal was to provide users with good-quality content that they want to consume. They can have three personas-Public (MYworld), Personal (MYown) and Work (MYwork)- like they do in their physical reality. They can venture into the world of social media and shop from local businesses on MYworld. Stay in touch with their friends and family, store and share memories with MYn’s potentially infinite cloud storage options, on MYown.




Communicate and collaborate across teams within their organisation, store and share large files with MYn’s potentially infinite cloud storage options, on MYwork. As humans, we behave differently in different settings. We present a different personality in public, private and work life. Hence, we’ve created dedicated spaces for each of these personalities on the app.




4. Throw light on importance of Data Privacy and Data Security. 


Transparency is important and everyone should be aware of the extent to which their data is at stake. The problem is that people don’t know how their data is being used by apps today. Apps are collecting user information to improve the app. They are sharing user information with advertisers to help them target potential consumers better. But none of this is clearly mentioned or explained anywhere in the Terms and Conditions. People don’t know how their data is being compromised. 




5. Why is it essential to make Privacy the 7th  Fundamental Right? 


As a society, we must prioritise privacy. Privacy can be considered as a form of self-respect and as something that’s essential for a dignified life. Sacrificing privacy means sacrificing our ability to make decisions. It’s a personal matter and must be protected at any cost. Hence, as Indians, we must demand that Right to Privacy be the 7th Fundamental Right. 




6. How is MYn different from other competitors? 


MYn’s a private, ad-free, commission-free social media app that allows one to discover, interact and transact on their own terms. It is India’s First Super App. The only app to complete the user journey. 





7. Any upcoming features?


Upcoming feature include Live local, social commerce that is proximity-driven. This feature will allow users to shop from businesses nearby.