On this Children's Day here are some Innovative Gifting ideas for your kids - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

On this Children's Day here are some Innovative Gifting ideas for your kids

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Children's Day is almost here and all we can think about is giving our kids chocolates, candies , sketch books and more chocolates. It is also the day when children are showered with a whole lot of love and gifts to make them feel special.

Let's break this stigma and give them an experience which they can cherish forever. Try something new this time and shower them with unforgettable experiences on this special occasion. We have listed a few innovative and unconventional gifting options for kids of different age groups. 
Enlisting kids for online ECA - Most innovative and thoughtful gift for a kid could be enrolling them for an online extra curricular activities on platforms like Crejo.fun. It is a digital ECA platform that helps children discover their passions and interests through creative learning. The courses are developed and facilitated by experts which focuses on SPICE (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional) development of children to facilitate their holistic growth into well rounded individuals.

Enrolling kids for a free of cost ZAPLearn course  On the occasion of Children’s Day, BeSingular, an EdTech company providing next generation skills, is all set to launch ZAPLearn, 1-day specialized courses for kids aged between 9 years to 18 years. With ZAPLearn, BeSingular aims at helping as many children as possible by providing the course free of cost. The courses will range from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game Design, Python, App Development and more, for a duration of 120 minutes a session. This gives children an opportunity to experience cutting-edge technologies so that they develop a better understanding of it.

Engaging children in pre-school activities at home - COVID-19 has not just affected the life of school children but it has also affected the life of preschool children. With preschools being shut for more than 2 years now, a preschool activity kit for your kid at home is the most innovative experience that parents can give to their children.    

Flintoclass@HOME - A preschool-at-home model designed to deliver high-quality preschool education to the homes of children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The easy-to-use comprehensive preschool kit ensures that children continue their early education from the safety and comfort of their homes. The all-inclusive monthly kit gets delivered with multi-sensory learning experiences, daily activities, step-by-step instructions, revision materials and even a dashboard to track every child’s daily progress. With this program, children get equipped with a strong learning foundation and the skills required for school-readiness.  

Learning through play - MagicCrate is all about learning through play. This is one of the best educational activity boxes for kids in India. The activities in the boxes are perfectly suited for different age groups, allowing your child to build skills that are age specific. The activities are hands-on, extremely engaging and suitable for both solitary learning and social learning. What is more, you get loads of freebies with your subscription box as well.


Age Group: The boxes are categorised as 2-3 years/3-4.5 years/4.5 to 6 years/ 6-8 years/ 8-10 years/ 10-12 years or 12 and above.